The Gas Works Park of Bellingham by Jenna Leu

Located in the upper corner of the United States is a small town called Bellingham. It is home to Western Washington University, and to a park called Boulevard Park. Boulevard Park is a place where its residents occupy for the beauty of going on walks, relaxing, and even exercising while examining the beautiful view of Bellingham Bay.

Boulevard Park is only one mile from the university’s campus. It’s located on the bay; there is access to the beach shores, while even having a long boardwalk to stroll along on. During anytime of the day, there will be groups of birds swimming in the water or boats cruising along the coast. Oftentimes, Bellingham residents will go to the park to grab some coffee at the Woods Coffee shop (which is a lot like Starbucks), and walk along the boardwalk observing the beautiful colors of light blue, pink, orange lay across the sky during the sunset.


People go to Boulevard Park for many reasons; one would be that it is a quick stop off of Interstate 5. It’s a great stop for tourists to stop by and stretch their legs after a long time from being in the car. Boulevard Park helps with that purpose, as it is located only two miles from Interstate 5, making it a convenient location for drivers to stop and see Bellingham’s beautiful views. Tourists can stop and take photographs of the views or even stop and enjoy a picnic. The park provides a large green grass area where there is a grill for BBQs and even contains picnic tables that face the water. In addition to this, it’s a great location for smaller children due to having a playground that includes slides with a swing set for children to release their energy on. During any of Washington’s sunny days, the park will be packed with people from all over because there is so much to do. Since there is access to water, people will go there to cool off and spend time in the salty water on a hot day. A common activity during this time would be many people go to Boulevard to play outdoor sports like baseball, soccer, volleyball, Frisbee, or football.

The winter season is a different story. The park is less populated because the weather in Bellingham is usually cold, rainy, and windy. Not very many people like that type of weather so they tend to not visit Boulevard and stay at home.

If you’re looking for a place to exercise and raise your heart rate, I recommend you visit your local park. A benefit from Boulevard Park is the fact it is so easy to exercise outside. Many people don’t exercise outdoors; Jeff Barnett revealed that only 10% of youth people use the outdoors for exercise. Exercising the body is good for it physically but helps other health aspects. Working out in the fresh air allows people to train without any pressure. There is no one judging you for how long you’ve been working out, you can just do your own thing at a park.

Although Boulevard Park is only in the small town of Bellingham, a more well known park that is similar to Boulevard is Gas Works Park in Seattle. Gas Works Park is more well know to the average person because it has been featured in famous movies such as Sleepless in Seattle and 10 Things I Hate About You. The park is located on Lake Union and used to be a plant to produce coal, but is now open to the public. Gas Works still has the gas equipment, you can see the large rusty-brown towers from interstate 5 southbound. Also, the park includes access to the waterfront, a picnic area, and a hill that has a walkway that twirls around the hill showing all the views of Seattle.

Boulevard Park is not a well-known park, but it is comparable to Gas Works Park. No matter what park it is, it is good for people to get outdoors to exercise, relax, and spend time with friends and family.


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