10 ways my life changed for the better- *my secret*

I have a secret, but it’s not really a secret.
I call it a secret because not too many people know about it, but trust me, you’ll want to after you hear how it changed my life for the better in soo many ways!

My life started to transform from normal everyday activities, to abundant, synchronistic, energizing happenings that have given me joy, health, gratitude and much more.
So here is my secret and how my life has become extra-ordinary in every way:

My secret is food.

Yes you read correctly.
Food, is my secret.

What I mean by that is, when I changed what I was eating, EVERYTHING in my life changed too.
I mean that literally.
And the best part? ALL of the changes were positive.

When I began to eat vegan foods like apples, almonds, salads with tomatoes, cucumbers, crunchy celery, sweet raisins and all sorts of fruits like ripe spotted bananas and juicy mineolas, I started to feel different. Food affected my emotions and my thoughts!
This was a huge breakthrough for me.

I went from eating a heavy/microwaved-boxed-food-diet like Totino’s pizza rolls, bland mac n’ cheese and lots of cereal to all of this real food.
Here are 10 ways how my life changed for the better when I changed what I ate:

1. I became more aware of myself.
I became aware of my thoughts, my feelings, my attitudes and outlook on life.
When I started eating healthy foods, I became awake.
I became aware of how my choices affected others and vise versa.
I directly experienced a consciousness shift.

It was like the scene in the Matrix with the red pill and the blue pill.
I chose the red pill.

2. I became more compassionate.

When I started to eat all of these living plant foods, I started to become more sensitive to not only my own feelings but other peoples’ feelings also.

I started to see peoples’ pain and their joy and their depth.

It may sound hard to believe that food can do this much but think about it for a second:

If your food is laced with hormones, preservatives, artificial chemicals and heavy metals, your body is essentially clogged with toxins.

This means that the communication between cells is impaired and blocked by these substances.

Once you clear that stuff out, your receptors and neurotransmitters start to work again.

It’s like a person who stops taking a sedating medication- they are more lively and animated.

~Same exact thing!~

Healthy Receptor

3. My skin cleared up and I don’t sunburn easily!

When I started to eat all raw foods- fruits and veggies- I noticed my skin became more of a yellow tone naturally.
Before when I was eating a lot of dairy and wheat, I had severe redness on my face, aka rosacea.
I thought there was no cure so I wore a lot of makeup to cover it up, I was insecure for several years about this.

The fruits and veggies reduced the redness in my skin almost completely!
I no longer wear makeup to cover my skin and I am no longer haunted by self-conscious thoughts.

Another thing I noticed about my skin is that I no longer get severe sunburn like I used to.
I used to have horrible redness when I went to the beach.
I got sunburn on my shoulders that would peel off and it hurt to sleep on my side.

I went to the Dominican Republic a couple years ago and didn’t apply sunscreen once! (And I’m Irish/Northern European!)
I got a bit burned, but it healed quickly and it was no where near the severity that is was in the past when I did apply sunscreen.
I’m still amazed that fruits and veggies act like a natural built in sun protector.

Cutie eating watermelon with glowing skin!

4. I attracted better friends

As I mentioned earlier, I became more sensitive to other people.
You can imagine that I also became more aware of other peoples’ disfunction and issues.

Because of my increased awareness, I wanted to hang around people who made me feel calm and loved. I wanted to be around other people who valued themselves andloved themselves.

At first, there was a rift, because I still had all these friends that I didn’t even like.
I realized who hung around me because they were needy and who hung around me because they enjoyed my company.
I started to lose a lot of friends which led to inner development and eventually new friends.

I found a community in my city of spiritually minded people who shared similar interests as me.
I found a raw vegan community at the Woodstock Fruit Festival.
And I’m still finding my tribe to this day.

Each day I’m realizing who I really want to spend my time with and who is toxic to me.

5. I found a career that I love!
From my personal healing experience grew a desire to help others heal also.
I wanted to share the amount of energy, clarity and self-love that I discovered.

Through that desire I found a health coaching program which I completed in 2015.
Since then I have been coaching others to find what works best for their body, to feed their bodies whole, natural vegan foods that support their health and the health of the planet.

I feel grateful to be young and aware and on my path.
Once I changed myself, everything has fallen into place.

6. I slimmed down and reached my ideal weight
When I was 14 years old, I was a vegetarian. A very unhealthy vegetarian.
I tried to be healthy. I would go to the gym and run for 30 minutes a couple times a week. I even lifted a little.
But my diet was shit.
Microwaved meals and boxed cereal were the bulk of my diet. Oh and ice cream.

My mom was busy with her career and I never learned how to cook so I just took the convenience route, as most Americans do.

My love handles started to develop and I became uncomfortable with how I felt- sludgy.
That’s where my self-education/awakening came in.

After I applied what I learned about vegan diets and raw foods, I began to detox.
I had a lot stored inside of me.
I lost about 15 pounds, mostly from going #2.

But afterwards I felt awesome, I looked good, and I no longer carry around excess cargo ;)
whoo hoo!!

Me with a tree friend.

7. Healed from eating disorder
After learning about raw foods and eating raw, I felt better than I had ever felt!
Only I was living in Pittsburgh, PA, in the winter time, and high quality raw foods were scarce.

I began to eat cooked foods again like sweet potatoes, rice and veggies.
But I soon started binging on nuts and potato chips and, again, cereal.

It was all vegan, but I started to feel sick a lot of the time and my mood became worse and worse.
I ate cooked food for about 2 years, due to traveling and not having much money.

During those 2 years, I tried different diets including low carb diets and even ate meat again a few times. I experimented a little with animal products like raw cheese and grass fed cow butter.

The health coaching school I went to encouraged experimentation and endorsed the consumption of animal products. I just wanted to feel better and have more energy, so I tried it out.
But my eating disorder only worsened.

I was eating large meals and feeling completely unsatisfied afterward, wanting to eat more and more.
I started to see a therapist because I was literally obsessing over food and it became my #1 source of stress.

No matter what, over those 2 years, I always thought back to raw veganism and how good I felt.
In my mind I have always seen it as my path, but I struggled with getting back to it, until now.

Just recently, I have begun eating fully raw, high carb vegan again, and my eating disorder is completely gone.
I accredit this to the power of raw fruits and veggies and their nutrition.
My body is no longer craving nutrients and thus I eat until I am full and stop without problem.

Thank you fruits!

8. I am more creative
Eating raw fruits and veggies does something amazing to me.
I feel like a superhuman version of myself..

When my brain and body are filled with life giving goodness, I can translate that into my art and poetry.
I have been training myself to be ambidextrous.
When I eat well, my singing voice is clear and strong.
I am inspired! and free from the illnesses which took up my energy/attention.

9. I can love others more
When I struggled with binge eating disorder (nutrient deficiency/acidosis) I was miserable often, and I could not stay present with the people around me.
I often caused other people to have to take care of me when I was suffering.

When I’m in balance, I can enjoy my friends and collaborate with people.
I can love people and share pleasure with them when we both prioritize self-care.
Funny paradox huh?

10. Athletic improvement
I gotta say, after I eat a huge salad with different kinds of greens and colorful veggies and lots of sprouts and so on, I feel like a freaking gorilla.
I always feel strong after I eat greens.

Including a huge salad in my daily regimen has contributed to my increase of athletic motivation and ability.

Okay, so I’m not a pro athlete, or anything close to that.
But i do love to move my body and sweat. It feels good.

I also noticed that staying very hydrated with this living lifestyle has given me more flexibility and allows me to breathe deeper.

So that’s my list of 10 ways my life has changed for the better using my not-so-secret: Living food!
Have a beautiful week :)

If you are interested in coaching:
Email me- jennakaymaloney@gmail.com

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