Your Tarot Podcast Field Guide

Jenna Matlin
Oct 10, 2018 · 5 min read

While I am first and foremost a writer, I also love podcasts. It is with podcasts that I can go on my walks, clean the house, or take a shower while learning something new. The Gemini in me likes to be doing (at least) two things at once and I find that I learn and retain more when I am keeping my mind and body busy at the same time.

I listen to podcasts via Stitcher, and with it I can create a list curated just for tarot and all other things deemed witchy and wise, esoteric and wonderful. But my time is limited and I can only listen to so many podcasts. So I have done the work for you, friend, I have listened to a lot of tarot podcasts but these are the ones that stayed on my feed.

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Tarot Bytes by Theresa Reed (full disclosure: I have been a guest on this podcast a couple of times) runs the absolute gamut from How to Create a Tarot Deck by Benebell Wen to How to Ask A Good Tarot Question.

Tarot Bytes garners a wide audience: from beginner readers to pro readers, from deck creators to writers. Theresa is warm, funny, and engaging with a knack for drawing you in, whatever level of tarot knowledge you might be in. Theresa curates an eclectic and talented guest pool. This is a must listen!

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Fortune’s Wheelhouse is a delight if you want to go deep. They will spend one whole ep on a card: talking about its symbolism, the correspondences, and the meanings as they have shifted and grown over time. One of the hosts, Susan Chang, just released a wonderful addition to the tarot library: Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets For Everyday Readers. You are in good, well-researched hands here! I love in particular the ep they did on Ace of Swords and Seven of Cups. If you are looking to learn about each card in more depth with an approachable conversational style, Fortune’s Wheelhouse is your go to. It is particularly useful if you find yourself struggling with a card because you can search through their past episodes to find it. Fortune’s Wheelhouse is, incredibly, a free resource for all readers.

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Tarot For the Wild Soul feels like going to that one friend’s house that is eclectic : full of feathers, random wind chimes, rangy plants on the windowsill and handmade soap curing on the ledge. Anyone else trying to do this makes a mess but somehow Lindsey Mack creates beautiful symmetry with wildly different ingredients.

With eps such as Surrendering to the Tower and Tarot Inspired Plant Medicine, this podcast is a treat. Lindsay creates a safe yet empowering place. She interweaves astrology, herbs, and numerology so her monthly forecasts are an absolute must. This podcast is great even for those who are not readers, but like to get readings! A must have in your feed, for sure.

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I am I guess you would say an acolyte of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell and both of heir philosophies of reading tarot have made indelible marks on my own approach so of course when I saw a podcast called the Archtypal Tarot Podcast you knew I had to subscribe.

This podcast feels like you are joining in on a conversation from two friends who are very comfortable one another. Their discussions do not disappoint and I love how they move from tarot based meanderings to things going on in their own lives. They embrace a style that is the big picture approach but then circle down down to the streetview. They just finished a wonderful ep about the Archetypes of the Masculine and Feminine and also check out the Lowdown on the High Priestess.

The Archetypal Tarot

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Tarot Visions by Rose Red and Jaymi is heavy on interviewing deck creators and tarot book authors.

Tarot Visions creates a uniquely warm and sometimes silly atmosphere, as if you were sitting around a kitchen table having a chat with some of the intellectual and intuitive thought leaders of the tarot field. I also know these two love their cons! From Tarot conventions to Pantheacon, they are the go-to people to give you the scoop about who is where and what they are teaching. I particularly liked their live from Pantheacon ep.

Honorable Mention

Tarot Tribe- Beyond Worlds

Donnaleigh was tarot podcasting before it truly hit to the levels of zeitgeist we see in current culture. But, her podcast is currently inactive. However, her ep list is a treasure trove of tarot and lenormand goodness with a lot of how-to and DIY stuff. A very comprehensive podcast chock full of interviews from some of your favorite tarot creators and publishers.

The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot EVER!!

Full disclosure: I do not listen to this podcast but I know Dusty White’s work and I know he is an excellent tarot teacher. Just perusing through the ep list I see an incredibly well thought-out and comprehensive series. From How to Handle Bad Tarot Readings to Imagination vs. Intuition (I now realize I need to add Dusty’s podcast to my list!)

This list is by no means exhaustive but my curated list here does run the spectrum from practical to academic, from beginner to pro readers. This list has something for just about everyone.

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