1. Ted Cruz’s Senior Communications Advisor, Rick Tyler, made false accusations about Marco Rubio right before the South Carolina Primary voting opened.
  2. The first aspect that would be explained is how this could affect the reputation of Marco Rubio, voters are going to question his integrity on something that is false. The second aspect is how Rick Tyler didn’t clear the accusations until voting was over, proving to be a very sleazy move. Third, I would talk about how even so, Marco Rubio beat Ted Cruz showing that the truth prevails.
  3. The principal people are Ted Cruz, a presidential candidate; Rick Tyler, the Cruz Senior Communications Advisor; and Marco Rubio, a presidential candidate.
  4. The story does not have a particular location but it deeply affected the people of South Carolina. Because it talks about presidential candidates, it is applicable to the nation.
  5. First, I would do research on the topic by searching the internet and seeing what sources are saying about the scandal. From there, I would find professionals who wrote on the topic and ask for their opinion. Then I would go to South Carolina and talk to those who voted. By doing so, I could see how it affected the way people voted. I would conduct polls, the first one would ask how many people heard what Tyler said. Then, I would conduct a poll to see if this swayed votes. By doing so, it would give accurate evidence of the impact it had made.