Convo Speaker Jan. 27, James MacDonald

  1. James and his wife Kathy are from Ontario, Canada.
  2. He started Harvest Bible Chapel with less than twenty people, now 28 years later, 12,000 people attend.
  3. James has a radio show, Walk in the Word, which is listened to by 3 million people a day.
  4. He attended Phoenix Seminary to become a pastor.
  5. James has authored seven books so far.

6. James and his board were under controversy when yelled at elders who were expressing concerns.

7. James had made risky financial decisions and the church owed over $56 million in construction funds.

8. He was asked to step down from a few Christian advisory boards after his comments he made towards his congregation who saw differently than he did.

9. McDonald makes approximately $500,000 a year as the lead pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel.

10. Walk in the Word, James’s radio show, use to be a non-profit organization, but later became an added ministry to Harvest Bible Chapel,

11. James makes way above the typical salary of a mega-church lead pastor. The average is $173,000, while he makes over $300,000 more than that.

12. In 2008, the elders decided on a $250,000 salary for him but he insisted on a $100,000 increase.

13. James has a show on Trinity Broadcasting Network called James MacDonald Ministries.

14. His goal is to plant 1,000 churches in his lifetime.

15. James has a few different ministries including recovery programs and summer camps for children.