How to Make A College Apartment Your Home Away From Home

Ad Subject: The Oasis apartment complex

Ad Problem: The target audience needs to know about The Oasis apartment complex.

Product Characteristics:

· Extremely new, modern facilities

· A wide range of different apartment setups

· Variety of extra amenities- swimming pool, 24 hour work out facility, movie theater like room, study area, lounging space, outdoor grills, tanning beds, hammock gardens

· Only available for Liberty University students and facilitators

· Kitchen amenities provided, open floor plan, keyless bedroom locks

· Dining services in the area like Panera, Chipotle, Chick-Fil-A, Jersey Mikes, Buffalo Wild Wings

Advertising Objective: To inform the target market about the many benefits that come with living at The Oasis.

Target Market: Liberty undergrads, graduates, and staff/faculty plus their families

Competition: Other apartment complexes in the Lynchburg area who also offer amenities like The Oasis who try to appeal to college students.

Statement of benefit or appeal:

· Extremely close to Liberty’s campus

· New and modern apartments

Creative Theme:

· How to make Oasis feel like your home away from home

Supportive Selling Points

· Already furnished

· Lots of amenities and a large clubhouse

The comfort of your home town, mom’s cooking, the bedroom you grew up in. Some things are impossible to take with you as you journey off to college and add to the feeling of being homesick. Luckily there are some tips to make your college apartment feel like you never left home.

How to Make a College Apartment Your Home Away From Home

Find an apartment with a big comfy space to enjoy after a long day.

Who doesn’t love the feeling of winding down after a stressful day. At The Oasis, each apartment comes fully furnished with quality furniture. Sink into the big comfy the leather couch and watch your favorite movie on the apartment’s 60 inch flat screen TV.

Find Community Among Your Neighbors!

Oasis provides a huge Clubhouse where apartment owners can kick back and relax with each other. Spend the warm summer days diving into the saltwater pool, topped off with great conversations in the Hammock Garden. As you are soaking in the sun, let some delicious steaks cook on one of the poolside grills.

Or, during those cold winter days, kick back in the lounge area and watch a movie on the big screen. You’ll be the most popular person there when you bring a great movie everyone can enjoy. Check out this list of classic movies that everyone is bound to love.

Find a place where all your needs are taken care of, it’s like mom is right there with you!

Schoolwork already takes up a large portion of your day, so why let little things like taking out the trash consume anymore time. The Oasis provides valet trash, 24 hour emergency maintenance, a washer and dryer in the unit and all utilities included in the overall cost. Not having to worry about these little things gives you more time to relax and do your favorite things.

Find a place you can call your own.

You won’t have to worry about sharing a bedroom with another person. Each Oasis apartment has single bedrooms and large bathrooms that have bathtubs to sink into. If you are worried that your bedroom won’t feel like your one back at home, check out this Pinterest board on tips to add that “homey” feel.

With a fluffy blanket, lots of pillows, and a great book, it will feel as if you never left home!

Find a place to get away from the college feel without being too far from campus.

Only six minutes away from campus, Oasis is close enough where you can still get to class even if you hit snooze seven times. A bus runs to campus every fifteen minutes, therefore you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space in the overly crowded parking lots.

Going to college is a big life transition, so it is important to find a place that isn’t too drastic of a change from home. At The Oasis, making a place to replicate your home isn’t too hard to do. Click here to learn more about your future home!

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