I like your perspective and writing style as well.
Paul Lumsdaine

Hi Paul, thanks for your response. I agree that formal education is severely lacking when it comes to training those who are interested in both sides of the coin. Myself — and every other “designer-who-codes” that I know — are primarily self-taught, with the help of colleagues, mentors, a few conferences, and workshops sprinkled along the way.

Some of us have an educational background in art/design and some of us in computer science. But in both cases, it’s been someone trained in one discipline but intensely curious about the other, and willing to fumble around for awhile until they actually felt competent doing both. Bottom line: until we can rely on more widespread, formal, tailored education programs, we have to make due with our own initiative.

If I were you, I would encourage your students to attend local meet-up groups, seek out internships, go to conferences (most offer student rates) or take training courses at places like General Assembly, or online. (I recommend Treehouse.) Then, seek out personal or pet projects. Tutorials are all well and good, but real learning comes through trial and error — hands on experience.

Thanks again for your response and best of luck to you and your students!

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