There are those who are comfortable with their sexuality and use it to their advantage. A popular streamer named Kaceytron would often wear low-cut shirts to show her cleavage and attract viewers to her stream. She often portrayed the stereotype of the “girl gamer”. She did not play well in the games she streamed, she yelled at teammates for things out of their control. Although it could be argued about whether she invites objectification or not, Kaceytron is a perfect example of how women interact differently with their audiences than with men. In this study, the authors find that male streamers are more likely to receive comments about gameplay while women streamers are more likely to receive comments referencing physical appearance.
The sexualization of women on Twitch
Apisit Chatarsa

I think it is really interesting to bring a gendered analysis into this topic, because like you wrote, there is a huge difference in treatment. Do you plan on interviewing or observing women gamers for your project? I think it would be important to get different women’s perspectives on gaming online. It seems in terms of the discourse around girl gamers, you can’t win. Take the game seriously and try to be “one of the guys,” you’re harassed, not taken seriously, and objectified. Turn that into your own capital advantage/power? You are at fault for any harassment directed at you.

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