These morals are created under a project entitled Open Walls Baltimore. According to the Open Walls Baltimore webpage, the mission of the project is to “enlivens public spaces, stimulates community revitalization and national dialogue, and attracts visitors and investors to Station North.” In the Washington Post article entitled Open Walls tags Baltimore’s Station North district as an ‘it’ neighborhood, they question the curator of the project, Gaia, about the morals gentrifying the neighborhoods.
Media Experiment: Is art a tool of gentrification?
Danae Bell

Thank you for talking about this! These murals always make me really uncomfortable, partly because I know many graffiti artists–many of color–have been in trouble with the law for essentially doing the same thing. One type of art, that requires more planning and materials ($) is celebrated whereas another, often used by people of color in their own neighborhoods is punished? I would be interested to hear what some Baltimore residents in Station North, who have lived there before it has become “hip” would have to say about the murals. Do you plan on doing interviews around this?