31 Days of Trans Visibility

Day 27: Talk about politics and activism. Has being trans influenced your stance on any political issues or candidates? Are you active in your local trans and/or LGBT+ community?

I am not the most political of people. I follow what is going on in the world so that when we have an election, whether local or national I can vote from as knowledgeable a position as possible.

During the last general election in the UK, someone set up a list of candidates and MPs so that they could be asked them about their commitment to supporting policies of importance to trans people. Of the four candidates from major parties in my area only one of them, the Green Party candidate responded. For the first time in my life I voted for the Green Party as a result.

There are a lot of things that influence my political stance, being trans is just one of them. Growing up I lived in an area where the local MP was always a member of the Labour party. As a result, when I was able to vote I voted for a different party. When we moved to where we lived now, our local MP was Paddy Ashdown, someone who had spent time in the real world as a member of the armed forces and not a career politician. Guess where my vote went during general elections.

Where I live there are a number of trans people but we don’t have an obvious community. It would be nice to have somewhere that trans people could get together and chat, compare stories and offer support. Hopefully that will happen at some point as I think it’s very much needed.