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I’m sure that after drumming every single transgender person out of the armed forces Vicky Hartzler and people like her will happily stop at that and won’t go on to try to stop trans people from working in the defence industry and all the other industries that help to protect the American people.

I just hope that the day that soldiers from countries or organisations that are a real threat to the American people; like the ones that she equates trans people to, are marching into the White House, Vicky and her friends are happy.

Transgender people are as patriotic as anyone else, they will fight for their country, for their families, for their friends, and they have been for centuries. Its very likely that there were trans people fighting during the War of Independence in order to create the country that organisations like the Family Research Council and people like Ms Hartzler are able to live freely in. In the same way there will have been trans people fighting in the armed forces during both World Wars and other conflicts, despite the fact that they could not be openly trans. Christine Jorgensen springs to mind.

The phrase biting off your nose to spite your face comes to mind when I read about attempts like this to stop people who are just as passionate about their country from being able to defend it when they are needed.

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