An Ode to Michiganders on a Snowy Day

Mainly those of us who live under the bridge.

It’s 11 AM and the snow has just begun to fall

I was behind you on the highway going slow

The speed limit is 70, yet my speedometer reads 40

I understand your hesitation, but there is barely a dusting

The forecaster screams, “we’re expecting 8–12 inches”

Shrieks and squeals surround me while I hit my brake

We trolls who live under the bridge feel like we suffer a lot

We tend to get a lot of snow yet react so slow

The shovels come out, the schools begin to close

Yet the Yoopers seem to be used to more

I’ve heard the laughs and sighs from friends from above

“You think you ahve it bad” I hear back

Well yeah it is pretty bad ya yooper

“Do you know how much snow we get on average?”

The shoot back and then it dawns on me

The temperature is colder, the snow is often ehavier

Then my tongue stops moving

We don’t have it that bad my lower penninsulites

It’s rough I know

But don’t go slow

When the snow has barely begun to fall

Take a deep breath

We will survive

Just like our friends from the north

It’s only snow.

Be safe though friends!