My Experience in a class of International Students

As part of my coursework in the College of Education at my university we are required to spend four hours in a classroom. This semester I was placed in a pre college writing course for international students and students who struggle with writing. A good majority, 95%, of the students are international while a handful are from the Dominican Republic or Detroit.

For the past two months I have been joining the classroom, observing, teaching lessons and interacting with these students. The number one difficulty I have encountered is the language barrier. For some of these students they struggle to speak English. It is a tough task for them to even write in English.

As a future teacher my main concern is not being able to understand what my students are saying. I don’t expect to have a classroom filled with international students, but I do anticipate having students with different dialects and slang.

As I continue in my placement I hope to find a way to be able to communicate confidently with these students.