Post Grad Thoughts

Am I technically a post-grad?

Amy Humphrie for Unsplash

The four-year undergrad trajectory is becoming an illusion in this country. Most students, including myself, tend to complete their Bachelor’s degree in 5 or more years; of course depending on the program. It has been almost five years since I graduated with my high school diploma and I can now confidently say that I have completed my undergraduate coursework.

I am a post-grad. At least I think.

It was a year ago I stood on a stage and declared all the great things Spartans will do. A year ago I received an incredibly expensive paper that told me I had acquired a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English. Yet I wasn’t actually, officially done. I still had to complete a year-long student teaching internship.

So I found myself telling family, friends, and strangers who asked that yes I do in fact have my college degree but no I am not a post-grad individual. I am not a part of that longed-for club.

Now a whole year later I am (I think) finally a part of this cool club of people. The one’s who now hang out in coffee shops unhindered by final exams or lengthy papers due prior to midnight. The one’s who actively (obsessively?) look for jobs.

I am now part of the club who most likely have a folder on their desktop specifically labeled Jobs which houses cover letters, various edited resumes, letters of recommendation, and saved applications. I even have a folder in my email labeled Job Apps.

Or maybe I am the only one with these folders. I am Type A after all.

Nonetheless I am no longer tied down to a university who emails me about tuition payments and safety alerts. I guess that means I am a post-grad.