The top journalism awards in Australia just decided to abandon international reporting. Please help us reverse this decision. If you want to add your name, please just add it in a comment. Thanks.

July 5, 2017

To the Walkley Advisory Board,

We, the undersigned, wish to express our disappointment over plans to scrap the Walkley Awards’ International Journalism category.

Now, more than ever, international reporting is a vital part of Australian journalism.

Reporting overseas also comes with specific risks and challenges. It is not exclusively the domain of foreign correspondents — some of the most memorable reporting has also been delivered by Australian-based journalists on assignment overseas.

The major international journalism awards, including the Pulitzer Prize, all include a category for international reporting.

We ask that the Walkley Board reverse this short-sighted decision.

Yours sincerely,

Connie Agius, journalist, ABC News

Sue Ahearn, Journalist and media consultant

Emma Alberici, Presenter, Lateline ABC TV, former Europe Correspondent

Gay Alcorn, Melbourne Editor, Guardian Australia

Hel Alexandra, Guardian Australia

Peter Alford, Australian Newspaper, former Bangkok, Tokyo and Southeast Asia correspondent

Vivien Altman, Journalist / Producer

Carol Altmann, Former The Australian Newspaper

Drew Ambrose, Al Jazeera

David Armstrong, former editor-in-chief The Australian, former editor-in-chief South China Morning Post, former editor The Canberra Times

Roberta Ashby

Monica Attard, Head of Journalism Faculty, Macleay College and Gold Walkley winner

Michael Bachelard, Investigations Editor, The Age

Wendy Bacon, Journalist, Researcher, Board Member, Pacific Media Centre, Contributing Editor at New Matilda

Van Badham, Guardian Australia

Eryk Bagshaw, Federal political reporter covering economics for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

Sheryle Bagwell, ABC RN

Anne Barker, journalist, ABC News

Mairi Barton, former journalist

Cameron Bauer, Photojournalist/editor, CNN features

Mick Beemer

Eleanor Bell Fox, Freelance

Daniel Berehulak, Freelance photographer New York Times and Pulitzer Prize winner 2015 and 2017

Aarti Betigeri, Freelance journalist

John Biggs

Melanie Birt, Photographer

Bill Birtles, ABC China correspondent

Eliza Blue, journalist, ABC News

Sam Bolitho, CARE Australia

Catriona Bonfiglioli, senior lecturer, UTS

Paul Bongiorno, Columnist for The Saturday Paper and veteran political journalist

Meredith Booth, The Australian

Rebecca Booth

Trevor Bormann, writer, producer, journalist

Yaara Bou Melham, Walkley Freelancer of the Year 2016

Emily Bourke, journalist, ABC News

Mike Bowers, Photographer at large, Guardian Australia

Gillian Bradford, Bureau Chief, Parliament House, Canberra, ABC News

Asanka Brendon Ratnayake, Photographer Anadolu Agency

James Brickwood, Sydney Morning Herald, photographer

Michael Brissenden, journalist, ‘Four Corners’, ABC-TV

Matt Brown, Middle East Bureau Chief, ABC

Susan Brown, Director, Public Policy Engagement, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation, Geneva, Switzerland

Nick Bryant, BBC New York correspondent

Rebecca Bryant, Assistant Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Andrew Buncombe, US Online editor, The Independent

Verona Burgess, journalist, The Mandarin

Mark Burrows, Nine Network

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds, Photo editor Agence France Press

Alison Caldwell, journalist, Melbourne

Aela Callan, Freelance Journalist, Berlin

Rowan Callick, China correspondent, The Australian newspaper

Roger Camilleri, former journalist

Eric Campbell, reporter, ‘Foreign Correspondent’, ABC-TV

Steve Cannane, Europe Correspondent, ABC News

James Cannon, cameraman/editor. Ch7 London bureau

Dylan Caporn, State political reporter at The West Australian

Matthew Carney, China Bureau Chief, North Asia Correspondent, ABC News

Cheryl Cartwright, former journalist

Michael Carey, International editor, ABC

Andrew Casey, former Fairfax journalist, MEAA member

Barrie Cassidy, Presenter, ’Insiders’, former Europe Correspondent, ABC News

Peter Cave, Former Foreign editor, ABC News

Damien Cave, Australia Bureau Chief, New York Times

Laura Chalmers, Deputy Chief of Staff ‪@couriermail + Women in Media Queensland committee

Mark Chapman, cameraman/editor -CBS — London

Ros Childs, ABC News

Peter Chilton

Martin Chulov, Middle East correspondent The Guardian

Lucy Clark, Senior editor, The Guardian

Sarah Clarke, Freelance Correspondent, Al Jazeera Hong Kong

Prue Clarke, Director, International Reporting at City University of New York

Matthew Clayfield, freelance journalist

Caleb Cluff, journalist, Fairfax

Rachel Clun, Reporter, Brisbane Times

Liam Cochrane, ABC Southeast Asia Correspondent

Amanda Collinge, series producer, Q&A, ABC-TV

Sarah-Jane Collins, freelance journalist, NYC

Patrick Condren, ‪@7NewsQueensland‪, Political Correspondent

Maddison Connaughton, features editor VICEAU

Georgina Connery, Journalist — The Canberra Times

Henrietta Cook, Education editor, The Age

Richard Cooke, Contributing Editor, The Monthly, Sports Editor, The Saturday Paper, The Guardian, The Chaser & The Check Out

Phil Coorey, Chief Political Correspondent, Australian Financial Review

Mark Corcoran, journalist, ‘Foreign Correspondent’, ABC-TV

Laura Corrigan, International News Producer, ABC News

Colin Cosier, freelance Australian journalist, Nairobi

Max Costello, author

Ross Coulhardt, Gold Walkley winner, journalist, ’60 Minutes’, Nine Network

Melissa Coulter- Ryan, Deputy editor Sunday Sport, The Age

Pip Courtney, Presenter, ‘Landline’ ABC TV

Tom Cowie, The Age

Louise Craig

Leah Craven, journalist Network Ten

Victoria Craw, Europe Correspondent,

Stephen Crittenden, Former ABC journalist

Bob Cronin, Former Editor-In-Chief, West Australian Newspapers group, former recipient of Walkley award for Journalism Leadership

Cally Cross

Graham Crouch, Freelance photographer

Michelle Crowther, Australian Wildlife Conservancy communications manager

Judy Crozier, Independent Australia

Adrian D’Hage, author, former head of Australian Defence Force public affairs

Emma Dallimore, 7 Network Australia. Journo. Producer

Trent Dalton, feature writer, The Australian Magazine

Zoe Daniel, United States Bureau Chief, ABC News

Hillary Daughtry

Georgina Davies, Dateline, SBS

Matthew Davis, producer, ‘Foreign Correspondent’, ABC-TV

Justin Davis

Graeme Davy, artist

Nicholas Dawes, communications director Human Rights Watch NY, Former editor in chief of Mail and Guardian South Africa, Former chief editorial and content officer Hindustan Times

Laureen Deale, Journalist and public relations professional

Gemma Deavin, Former Supervising Producer, ABC Arts iView and digital

Janet DeBoos, artist, Emeritus Fellow, ANU

Alice Dempster, Fairfax SA, Group Digital Journalist for SA

Billy Dettmer, Clinical educator

Paul Devitt, photojournalist/editor CNN international — Hong Kong

Phil Dickie, former investigative journalist The Courier Mail, former news director at World Wildlife Fund, owner Melaleuca Media

Paul Dillon, International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Indonesia media officer

Mavourneen Dineen, producer

Kirsten Diprose, Journalist, Victoria

Mick Ditchburn

Craig Dixon

Kate Doak, Freelance journalist

Mark Dodd, former defence correspondent The Australian, former foreign correspondent The Sydney Morning Herald

Ben Doherty, Immigration Correspondent, The Guardian

John Donegan, photographer, former member Walkley Foundation Advisory Board

Paula Doneman, Crime Journalist and Investigative Producer at ‪@7NewsQueensland

David Donovan, Editor, Independent Australia

Michael Doyle, ‘Foreign Correspondent’, ABC-TV, Gold Walkley winner

Lee Duffield, Senior Lecturer — Journalism, Faculty of Creative Industries, Queensland University of Technology

Conor Duffy, North America Correspondent, ABC

Jennifer Duke, Domain Group

Mary Durack

Chelsea Edwards, ABC journalist

Noni Edwards, freelance journalist, Dubai

Fiona Edwards Wade, senior adviser, Police Federation of Australia

Alan Eggleston, Former Liberal senator WA

Alex Ellinghausen, photojournalist, SMH, The Age, The AFR

Anton Enus, SBS World News

Michael Epis — The Big Issue

Rafael Epstein, Drive Host, ABC Radio Melbourne

Louie Eroglu, camera operator, ‘Four Corners’, ABC TV

Wendy Everett, journalist, Melbourne

Nick Evershed, Data and interactives editor, Guardian Australia

Heather Ewart, Presenter, ‘Backroads’, former Washington Correspondent, ABC News

Tom Fayle, Former Executive Producer, Radio Australia

Adam Ferguson, Freelance photographer, Former World Press Photography award winner

Adele Ferguson, Journalist Fairfax Media, Gold Walkley winner

Joseph Fernandez, Associate Professor, Head, Department of Journalism, Curtin University

Richard Fidler, author, broadcaster ABC Radio

Donna Field, Senior journalist, ABC Brisbane

Fanou Filali, Lateline ABC

Joanne Finlay

Caroline Fisher, University of Canberra

Alison Floram, journalist ABC Canberra

Amy Forbes, Co-coordinator, BA Multimedia Journalism & Writing, James Cook University

Heather Forbes, TV Current Affairs Producer

Susan Forde, Associate Professor in Journalism, Griffith University, Brisbane

Ben Fordham, Nine Network and Radio 2GB

Robyn Foskett

Wendy Francis

Peter Fray, Professor of Journalism Practice, Head of Journalism Discipline, UTS

Luke Fredberg, Vice President, International Communications, CBS Corporation, London

Kirsten Garrett, Walkley Award Winning journalist

Kate Geraghty, Fairfax photographer

Janet Gibson, writer and former journalist

Iain Gillespie, Photographer, West Australian

Katherine Gillespie, staff writer, VICE

Meg Gilmour

James Glenday, Europe Correspondent, ABC News

Isaac Glonek, journalism student

Janine Good

Michael Gordon, Former political editor, The Age

Andrew Greaves, cameraman/editor — Ch9 London bureau

Bryce Green, Risk analyst Hill and associates, Former ABC

Peter Gregory, lecturer at La Trobe University

Peter Greste, freelance journalist and former foreign correspondent

Kylie Grey, Producer, Dateline, SBS TV

Michelle Griffin, news director The Age

Chris Griffith, The Australian Newspaper

Emma Griffiths, ABC Radio, former Moscow correspondent, ABC News

Brietta Hague, freelance journalist

Tanya Halbert, nurse educator

Chris Hammer, journalist and author

Shirley Hardy-Rix, ex-3AW

Nick Harmsen, State Political Correspondent

Andreas Harsono, Indonesia researcher, Human Rights Watch

Brett Hartwig, Freelance Photographer

Sarah Hawke, journalist, ABC News

David Hawley, photojournalist/editor, CNN international — Seoul bureau

Samantha Hawley, Indonesia Bureau Chief, ABC

Nance Haxton, Senior Journalist, ABC Radio Current Affairs, Brisbane

Rebecca Henschke, BBC Indonesia editor and journalist

Norman Hermant, Senior Journalist and former foreign correspondent, ABC

Jess Hill, journalist, Walkley Womens Leadership in Media winner 2016

Tony Hill, former International Editor, ABC

Robin Hill, freelance journalist

Cassandra Hill, journalist

Martin Hirst, political editor, Independent Australia

Amanda Hodge, South East Asia correspondent, The Australian

Aaron Hollett, cameraman, ABC TV Middle East

David Hopgood, Diversity and inclusion officer, Department of Health

Nic Hopkins, Google Australia

Renee Hotschilt

Saffron Howden, Editor, Crinkling News

Stuart Hughes, BBC World

Nadia Hume, Journalist

Steph Hunt, Australia Editor, Storyful

John Hunt, Journalist for Southern Cross News in Whyalla

Luke Hunt, Opinion editor, Freelance journalist with Washington Times

Fergus Hunter, Political reporter, SMH and The Age

Tom Hyland, former foreign correspondent

Dani Isdale, Senior Washington Producer, Channel 4 News UK

Marion Ives, Journalist, ABC

Liz Jackson, journalist, formerly of Four Corners, Gold Walkley winner

Drew Jackson, former teacher

Col James, Opinion Editor, The Advertiser

Sara James, Correspondent NBC News, Emmy Award winner

Matt Jasper, Camera operator/editor

Mark Jeanes

Naomi Jenkinson, Education Assistant

Fergus Jensen, Reuters

Patricia Karvelas, presenter RN Drive, ABC Radio

Simon Kearney, Click 2 View managing director Singapore

Steph Kennedy, former London Correspondent, ABC News

Louise Kennedy

Cheryl Kernot, Social Business Fellow, CSI, UNSW

David Killick, The Mercury, Tasmania

Damien Kingsbury, Professor of International Politics, Deakin University

Rachel Kleinman, Freelance journalist

Deborah Knight, Nine Network, former US correspondent Network Ten

Susan Knox, journalist, ABC News

Jason Koutsoukis, Southeast Asia government editor for Bloomberg, Former Fairfax Middle East and South Asia correspondent

Michael Koziol, Immigration, legal affairs and politics for The SMH and The Age

Neil Lade, former journalist

Peter Lalor, Cricket writer, The Australian

Sen Lam, Broadcaster

Sue Lannin, journalist, ABC News

Jenny Lavelle, journalist, ABC News

Marion Le, Migration agent

Sean Leahy, cartoonist The Courier-Mail, Brisbane

Richard Leather, Consul General, Frankfurt, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner, Western Europe

Kate Leaver, commnewsgroup, Stirling Times

Marianne Leitch, Executive Producer, ‘Foreign Correspondent’, ABC-TV

Niall Lenihan, cameraman/editor — ABC London bureau

Greg Lennon, Sales Manager

Rosie Lewis, journalist, The Australian

Johan Lidberg, Associate Professor, School of Media, Film and Journalism, Monash

Cecilia Lindgren, Journalist

Kathy Lipari, News Local Editor in Chief

Mary Lloyd, Senior Producer, ABC News

Debbi Long, PhD

Josue Lopez, Freelance producer

Cynthia Love

Julie Macken, ActionAid Australia

Neil Maclean, Anthropologist, University of Sydney

Dee Madigan, Campaign Edge

William Maley, Professor of Diplomacy, Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy, ANU

Paul Maley, National security editor The Australian

Frances Mao, TV news producer at ‪@SkyBusiness

Stephanie March, North America Correspondent, ABC News

Amelia Marshall, Junkee Media

Bonita Mason, Curtin University

Wally Mason, Sports editor, The Australian

Terry Mason, curriculum writer, Deakin University

James Massola, Chief political Correspondent, SMH and The Age

Chris Masters, journalist, Gold Walkley winner

Dingani Masuku Senior Africa Producer, Nairobi, ABC News

Clive Mathieson, former editor, The Australian

John McCarthy, President Australian Institute International Affairs, Former Australian Ambassador to Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, US, Indonesia, Japan and India

Sophie McCarthy, Executive Director, McCarthy Mentoring

Willa McDonald, Lecturer in Media, Macquarie University

Stephen McDonell, BBC China correspondent, former ABC journalist

Warwick McFadyen, Senior writer/editor, The Age newspaper

Andrew McGarry, News Digital sports reporter

Catherine McGrath, Strategic media consultant/trainer, facilitator

Paula McKay, former journalist, ABC News

Margaret McKenzie, economist ACTU

Kath McKenzie, former journalist, executive manager, Community Engagement and Communications

Bradley McLennan, senior cameraman/editor — Al Jazeera English / New York USA

Cait McMahon OAM, Managing Director, Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma, Asia Pacific

Jo McManus Course coordinator, Graduate Diploma of Broadcasting, Edith Cowan University

Alister McMillan, World editor, The Australian newspaper

Sophie McNeill Middle East Correspondent, ABC News

Amy McQuire, South Sea/Darumbal. Formerly 98.9 FM, New Matilda and Tracker

Andrew Meares, photographer

Rory Medcalf, Head of National security College Australian National University, Senior fellow Brookings Institution, Former diplomat and journalist

Caro Meldrum-Hanna, Gold Walkley winner, reporter, ‘Four Corners’ ABC-TV

Caroline Mellish

Carmel Melouney, Freelance journalist and Former News Ltd

Kirsti Melville, Presenter Earshot, ABC RN

Alex Michell

Leonie Michell

Karen Middleton, Chief Political correspondent, The Saturday Paper

Wayne Middleton, Risk consultant, Reliance Risk

John Milkins Secretary, Balibo House Trust

Lisa Millar, European correspondent, ABC News

Sandi Miller, ABC TV

Renee Miller

Louise Milligan, journalist, ‘Four Corners’, ABC TV

Dave Milligan, self-employed

Nick Moir, Fairfax Photographer and Former World Press photography award winnerand former Walkley Advisory Board member

Fran Molloy, Freelance journalist and MEAA member

Julian Morgans Australian editor, VICE

Gaven Morris, Director, ABC News

Peter Morris, Former Senior Journalist Channel 7 Melbourne

James Morrison, Deputy world editor, The Australian Newspaper

Adam Morton, senior writer The Age

Michele Mossop, photographer

Linda Mottram, former ABC host and foreign correspondent

Lindsay Murdoch, Southeast Asia correspondent, Fairfax Media

Marelyn Murphy

Miranda Murphy, journalist, The Australian online

Katharine Murphy, Political editor, The Guardian

Colleen Murrell, Undergraduate Coordinator, Journalism, Monash University, Co-Secretary Journalism Education & Research Assn of Australia (JERAA)

Chris Nash, Professor of Journalism, Monash

Tracey Naughton, International Media Development Professional

Sally Neighbour, Executive Producer, ‘Four Corners’, ABC-TV

Greg Nelson, camera operator, ABC News

Paul Newbold

Kalvin Ng, assistant programme editor, Al Jazeera English

Alastair Nicholson, Honorary Professorial Fellow of the University of Melbourne and Chair of Children’s Rights International

Sajithra Nithi, Journalist, ABC

Renee Nowytager, Photographer The Australian

Nick O’Malley, Fairfax journalist and former Washington correspondent

Peter O’Connor, former journalist

Ivan O’Mahoney, Executive Producer, In Films

Jenny O’Shea, Producer

Caitlin Ogden, owner Ward Sagar specialist children’s bookstore

Felicity Ogilivie, ABC journalist

Edgar Ong, Journalist Malaysia

Ben Oquist, Executive Director, The Australia Institute

Tamara Oudyn, Presenter, ABC TV

Peter Overton, Nine Network

Blair Palese, Co-founder and CEO,

John Passant, Independent Australia

Roger Patching, Bond

Anna Peace

Matt Peacock, senior journalist, ABC

Jacqui Peake, Journalist, The Project

Mark Pearson, Professor of Journalism and Social Media, Griffith University

Robert Penfold, US correspondent, Nine Network

Karen Percy, Senior Journalist and former foreign correspondent, ABC

Bernard Philip, Former deputy ambassador to India

Michelle Pini, Deputy Editor, Independent Australia

Corinne Podger, ex ABC Radio Australia

Julie Posetti, Fairfax Media/University of Wollongong

Elenie Poulos, PhD candidate

Jenna Price, Fairfax columnist, Women in Media NSW, UTS journalism academic

Emily Price

Jo Puccini, Executive Producer, ‘730’, ABC-TV

Bhakthi Puvanenthiran, My Small Business editor The Age

Andrew Quilty, photojournalist, Kabul, Gold Walkley winner

Ana Maria Quinn, Dateline SBS

Karl Quinn, senior writer The Age

Leigh Radford, former National Editor Rural, ABC

Prabhakar Rajasingham

Gary Ramage, photographer and war correspondent, News Corporation

Jane Rawson

Bronwen Reed, producer, ‘Foreign Correspondent’, ABC-TV

Anna Reeder

Kevin Rennie, Citizen journalist

Emma Renwick, ABC News

Andrew Reynolds, former journalist, former public affairs officer Australian Defence Force

Stephen Ribiero, freelance cameraman, London

Matthew Ricketson, Professor of Communication, Deakin University

Hugh Riminton, Senior reporter/presenter, Ten News

Stuart Rintoul, World Vision senior media advisor (emergencies)

Kerri Ritchie, ABC Melbourne, Former NZ correspondent

Candace Rivett-Carnac, former bureau manager, ABC Africa Bureau

Amos Roberts, Dateline, SBS

Adam Roberts, The Economist

Dana Robertson, DFAT Washington, former journalist ABC News

David Robie, Pacific Media Centre, (Auckland University of Technology)

Natasha Robinson, ABC journalist, Former The Australian Newspaper

Chip Rolley, Senior Director, Literary Programs & Director, World Voices Festival

Barry Rollings, former journalist

Amilia Rosa, Assistant Indonesia correspondent, Fairfax Media

Olivia Rousset, journalist

Michael Rowland, Presenter, ‘ABC News Breakfast’

Baz Ruddick, Journalist ‪@theadvocatetas

Marietta Rudolf, former Marketing Manager, National Press Club

Peter Ryan, ABC News

Leonie Ryan, Channel 7 Court Reporter

Alice Ryan, journalist

Rahni Sadler, journalist, Former US correspondent

Michael Sainsbury, former China correspondent The Australian Newspaper, now UCAN Bangkok

Leigh Sales, ‘730’, ABC TV

Mark Saludes, Freelance Journalist, Philippines

Mandie Sami, Journalist, ABC

Sally Sara, Africa Correspondent, ABC News

Luke Sayer, journalist

Jane Schulze, Managing director Standard Media Index

Dave Sciasci, cameraman/editor — ABC London bureau

Catherine Scott, Film maker

Jocelynne Scutt, lawyer

Peter Seyler

Leo Shanahan, Sky News Business Reporter

Tim Shaw, Broadcaster, Canberra

Ryan Sheales, Communications Professional, former reporter ABC/Channel 10

Iain Shedden, The Australian Newspaper music writer

Lynette Sheridan Burns, Deputy Dean, Western Sydney University

Terry Shiel, journalist, Shanghai, China

Bevan Shields, Canberra Bureau Chief for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

Yoko Shimizu, Managing Editor, Bloomberg TV

Melissa Singer, Fairfax Media

Russell Skelton, journalist, founding director RMIT ABC Fact Check

Alex Sloan, former ABC host

Tamara Sloper-Harding OAM

Suzanne Smith, producer, ‘Foreign Correspondent’, ABC-TV

Nicola Smith, Freelance journalist Taiwan and former South Asia correspondent Sunday Times

Bridie Smith, senior writer The Age

David Speers, Sky News political editor

Annabel Stafford

Frederika Steen AM

Peter Stefanovic, Nine Network

Ginny Stein, Senior journalist and former foreign correspondent, Lateline

Penny Stephens, photographer

Justin Stevens, producer, ‘Four Corners’ ABC TV

Tim Stevens, freelance cameraman — London

Nikki Stevens, film editor

Dan Stinton, Head of Digital for @westaustralian,‪@perthnow and ‪@sevenperth

Katrina Strickland, Good Weekend editor

Joe Sullivan, Journalist, ABC TV, Melbourne

Anne Summers, author and journalist

George Svigos, Corporate affairs director General Motors

Adrian Swift, Nine Network Australia

Wendy Syfret, Australian editorial director, VICE

Jessica Tapp, ABC News, Darwin

Paige Taylor, WA Bureau Chief, The Australian Newspaper

Sophie Tedmanson, Vogue Australia deputy editor

Gareth Thomas, Uniting Church minister

Sue Thompson, security historian, Australian National University

Jeremy Thompson, former journalist, ‘730’, ABC-TV

Geoff Thompson, journalist, ‘Four Corners’ ABC TV

Brian Thomson, foreign editor, SBS World News

Jewel Topsfield, Indonesia correspondent Fairfax Media

Paola Totaro, editor, Thomas Reuters Foundation London, former president Foreign Press Association London, former foreign correspondent SMH

Katherine Towers, Communications manager Swinburne University

Joel Tozer, producer, ‘Dateline’, SBS

Virginia Trioli, Presenter, ‘News Breakfast’, ABC-TV

Max Uechtritz, MD Kundu Productions Documentaries

Cathy Uechtritz, ABC journalist

Chris Uhlmann Political Editor, ABC News

Susie van den Heuvel, former journalist and public affairs specialist

Peter Varghese, University Queensland chancellor, Former secretary of Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Former Australian High Commissioner to India, Former Director General Office of National Assessments

Helen Vatsikopoulos, Journalism lecturer, UTS

Valerio Veo, Head of product, ESPN

Emily Verdouw, Associate Video Editor, Huffington Post AU

Anna Vidot, journalist, ABC

Lisa Visentin, Sydney Morning Herald journalist, covering urban affairs

Karishma Vyas, Al Jazeera, Malaysia

Matt Wade, journalist, The Sydney Morning Herald

Tony Walker, Vice Chancellor’s Fellow La Trobe University, Fairfax columnist

Andrew Waller, photojournalist/editor — CNN features — London

Lindy Walsh, educator UNSW

Hamza Wariyo

Jeff Waters, journalist ABC

Calliste Weitenberg , Dateline SBS Television

Bernadette Welch, Permanent Secretary, Civil Service of Fiji

Philip Wen, Political and General News Correspondent, Reuters

Annie White, ABC News

Sally Whyte, Deputy Editor ‪@crikey_news, lead writer of the Crikey Worm

Mark Willacy, investigative journalist, former North Asia and Middle East Correspondent, ABC News

Philip Williams, Chief Foreign Correspondent, ABC News

Ben Wilson, former Africa correspondent, ABC News

Ashleigh Wilson, Arts editor, The Australian Newspaper

Jane Wilson, ABC News

Elizabeth Winkelman

Bruce Woolley, journalist and academic of 35 years

Bianca Wordley, Freelance journalist

Tony Wright, Associate Editor and Special Writer, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald

Briony Wright, editor-at-large, i-D magazine

Tony Wynd, company director

Caitlin Wyndham, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, Hanoi, Vietnam

Ebru Yaman, former journalist The Australian

Annette Young, journalist/presenter, France24 English

Dan Ziffer, producer ABC

Lisa Zilbo, former journalist

Lawrie Zion, Professor of Journalism, Director, Transforming Human Societies Research Focus Area, Lead Chief Investigator: The New Beats Project, La Trobe University