Who are we?

We’re are the ones you look down on

The ones you criticize

The ones you never seem to see

We’re the ones in the background

Who are we?

We’re the ones who will rise

The ones destined for greatness

Diamonds suck in the dirt.

Who are we?

We’re the future

Future leaders , astronauts and teachers

A future full of dreamers and believers

Who doesn’t wait to die to reach haven

But who’ll bring heaven on earth.

And create centuries full of worth.

We are a new world

One where race and religion does not matter.

One where your sexuality is accepted

And sexual orientation whether it be heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual is not frowned upon.

One where society has no expectations

And your life, mistakes and decision are all yours to make.

A world full of creativity, innovation and new possibilities.

One where everything is possible and the sky is not the limit.

Who are we?

Were young dreamers full of hope.

The ones who’ll never say “what if…”

The one not afraid to deviate from the script

The ones willing to crawl through the dirt.

We are who?

We are…

What we dream

Who we love

Where we live

What we believe

We are who ever we want to be.