Look what you made T-Swift do.

Taylor Swift has become an icon in the world of pop culture, through her music career, love interests and popular feuds with other celebrities. However, Swift’s new hit single and music video , “Look what you made me do,” has laid to rest all of her past personas and her “reputation,” which holds the title of her upcoming album, while also seeking vengeance in the process.

At first listen, “Look what you made me do,” contains a much darker sound than most Swift fans are used to. She is definitely portraying to her audience that the “Old Taylor is dead,” and the new Taylor is back for revenge. But simply decoding her lyrics, does not reveal to us who she is targeting. And then the music video is released. Her music video holds multiple hidden references that has effected her past and present life. For example, at the end of the video, all of Swift’s identities are lined up, including 2009 Taylor at the MTV VMA’s. This alludes to the beginning of her long standing feud with rapper, Kanye West, and shows how Taylor’s named was slandered for something she couldn’t control. Instead of “shaking off” the critics, new Taylor has decided to call them out, music video “style.”

Although, some people may think that Taylor Swift is childish for writing music about the people who have done her wrong, I say “bravo.” Taylor’s career has been built on her ability to write, sing and entertain, and I cannot think of anything more entertaining than Taylor calling out her “haters” the way she knows best. Music is a form of art. I absolutely believe that Swift is expressing herself, while also freeing herself of the stereotypes and personas that other people label her as, simultaneously.

So to you Taylor, don’t worry about the critics because all they are is “mean.”

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