I have lots of feeling but I have always been the person who people would say “oh she’s the boy of the relationship because she doesn’t show emotion or she’s very private.”

So I would just smile and nod in agreement as if they knew me well enough to say such bold statements about me, to me. And now when I think back I have a subtle scoff and vexation waiting for those people (who meant no harm.) But sadly you can not make assumptions without making an ass out of someone.

So I became who and what I was told,

  • Emotionless
  • Private
  • And incapable of being open when I wanted to

Words are powerful and beautiful, some cherish-able others can be damaging, so thank God they are not binding.

I do not always have to be the girl who kept her feeling concealed

You do not always have to be happy

You do not always have to be shy

You do not always have to be anything anyone ever tells you you are because it’s not there choice.

So I have a lot of feeling and I can express them how ever the hell I want to.

Or at least try.

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