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Just for today…

Silence your inner critic.

Recognize all that is perfect

within your imperfection.

Accept that you are a mess

~ a perfect storm of thoughts, feelings, and impulses.

Allow yourself to be naked, exposed,

vulnerable…. real.

Understand that you are a mosaic in the making,

then collapse confidentially — into pieces.

Know that BEing

is the unshakeable cornerstone

in all that you are BEcoming.

Let someone love, respect, and appreciate you

just the way you are…

And tomorrow?


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What is your leash attached to? Your dreams or your fears?

#UnleashYourPotential #BeBraveWithYourLife #YourFearsHaveNoTeeth

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Anyone moving forward in this life is in some stage of transformation. To transcend our own evolving circumstances — the love, support, and understanding of others is paramount.

It’s critical to find people who love you where you are — as you are — and who are patient with your continued growth …and then to remember to offer the same support to others as well.

A shiny new set of wings will always require sacrifice …and frankly, some. stages of transformation can be utterly brutal. Cultivating patience and forgiveness for others (…and yourself!!) is key.

Granted, transformation isn’t a pretty process — but let’s face it — vegging out while fondling the remote control and spending your whole life as a caterpillar isn’t pretty either. …


Jenna Stone