I started making jewelry when I was about 12. I enjoyed creating the little beaded animals from one of the books I got while on vacation in Whistler with my family. I began going in craft shows by the time I was 16. I was working on jewelry sporadically, so sometimes I would go on binges and make a ton of things. Other times, I wouldn’t even know what materials I had lying around. I wouldn’t pick up a bead or a piece of wire sometimes for months on end. I would put school, homework, friends, and soccer above making jewelry. I never thought much of it. I knew I needed to get my school work done before I had any “me” time. I didn’t work on any pieces for a few years because I just got so busy with school. I finally started getting back into it after finishing my diploma and working in my professional field. I actually had time to do the things I loved. I started out small making a few bracelets and earrings here and there. I took a chance and opened my Etsy shop back in 2014. It was a bit discouraging when I wouldn’t have any interest in my pieces for a few months. But I kept it up casually and didn’t worry too much about the sales. As soon as I got engaged I went into back into creating lots of decor items for my upcoming wedding. I was so happy hand making all of my invitations, flower holders, centerpieces, etc. When I finally stumbled upon what I was going to put in my hair, I thought, oh I can just make a hair piece. From that moment I realized that I could make more of these pieces that other brides would like too. I made a few hair vines and started giving away small sample pieces to grow my awareness. I began putting my hair pieces into salons after a couple of months of working on my new hair jewelry line. It was hard at first to put myself out there and ask for a business collaboration. But I soon realized that other small businesses just want to help. I didn’t need to be scared to be shut down by someone. If it didn’t work out, I just assumed that it didn’t fit their business model. I started messaging a few bridal hairstylists on Instagram as well. I met one girl Montana and it literally changed my entire perspective about my business. She suggested products to me to make that were over and above anything I could have imagined for myself. She continues to suggest new designs and products to me and makes my hair jewelry line better by the day! I have now managed to grow my hair jewelry line into combs, barrettes, hair pins and hair vines all in the course of about 4 months. After being on Etsy for a few years I decided to start my own website and growing my brand. It’s been hard at times to update the website and products so often since I create so many. But I have to say, all of the hard work has definitely been worth it. Currently, I have 7 salons/bridal hairstylists that carry my hair jewelry line so far. I have high hopes for myself that I will acquire more clients as the months go on and wedding season really kicks off. I couldn’t be happier with how my business has grown in such a short period of time.

See my hair jewelry line in full for all of my newest designs and creations.

West Coast Jewelry bridal hair vine
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