The Power Of Tidiness

I touched on keeping your personal space free and clear of baby stuff recently in one of my how to not lose yourself posts but let’s talk about it again. Because this shit is important. When your child is born your needs and wants no longer become a priority, it’s all about that kid. No I don’t mean you give up everything, sacricifce yourself kind of thing. I mean if you need to shower in the morning and your baby is hungry you put that damn shower on hold until the baby is fed and happy. And then it’s back to your routine. I work from home so I’m with Maximara all day. This means my day is interrupted. A lot. Once she goes down for a nap, and more importantly bed, I want to focus on me and only me. Ok my husband too. Maintaining a relationship with your husband post-babe is key.

Once she goes down I don’t want to see any toys. Not even a sliver of a toy. I want to focus on adult things with my adult partner. We put any toys that were brought to our living area back where they belong and store the toys from her room in the appropriate bins. During nap time and bed time, if you were to walk in our home, you wouldn’t even know we had a kid. This is our home. Not just a child’s home. We will forever maintain that and it does tremendous things for us as adults and individuals. Less clutter in our living area brings less clutter to our lives. It brings us peace.

How does this work? Our home is one story so we have the benefit of Maximara being able to play with toys in her room while I am preparing dinner or whatever the hell I’m doing that day. If she wants to hang with us, we bring a bin of toys to our living area. And when she is done they go right back. We have one decorative trunk and storage ottoman in our den with a few toys that she plays with during the day. That’s it. It’s not overly complicated and doesn’t take much time to maintain.

If we lived in a two story I would be stocking up on decorative furniture pieces with storage, trunks and baskets that could easily store toys. I understand that because we are in a one story it may be a little easier for us. Oh! And we also follow the 20 toy rule. Nothing more. When we purchase a new toy, we donate an old one. They need only the necessities, nothing more. This helps keep the clutter to a serious minimum.

My favorite storage baskets and trunks can be found here, here, here, here, here,here, here, here and here. If you need advice or want to chat strategy, ask away. I’m always around to chat!