The SDA building is truly beautiful. The way it was designed and built, no question, it’s an art.

Traffic everyday here in taft. But sometimes people forget that everywhere you go or see is a form of art. Like this photo, the train, the buildings and even the cars are created with an extraordinary imagination that made possible for us to have these things at this present-day.

Simply beautiful. The leaves that are planted in Mutien made the building even nicer than the old and dull one. I think that is one of the definition of art, making amazing things out of the old ones or sometimes making new things out of nothing.

Art is sensed. You can see it, feel it and taste it. Just like the food in this photo. And even the way it was presented is also an art. It was organized to make it look-good to eat.

Everybody can make an art. Like at home, designing your house is a form of art. Putting some decorations, arranging the sofas, beds or chairs. Like this one that we have at home. It was arranged together, pieces by pieces, and then ‘violaa!’, you made your own kind art. It’s all about your taste of style, creativity and your own imaginations.

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