Essay/ Number 1 guide question:

Sir Napoleon, a geometry teacher from pasay science highschool, and a mentor of the choir at the said school. Mr. Ping Baisit, a photographer. And Ms. Nova Villa, a famous actress in 90s, up to the present. No doubt that these three had caught my attention, the one that we interviewed personally and the other artists that were reported by my blockmates. I think these artists are the same in a way that all of them can be seen in front of people and they are for entertainment. All of them can capture the attention, interests and can give pleasure and happiness for their audience. They inspire their audience by showing their talents and doing the things they truly love. I think that they just differ in the field they were in.

2. What are their roles as an artist in the society?

-One of the roles of these artists in our society is that they make people entertain, and make them love art even more. But not just that, they inspire people, not just in the young generations but also the old ones, to do the things that makes them happy, and to follow the things they trully love.

3. What qualities (as an artist) would you like to imitate as a professional in your career?

These artists made me realized a lot of things and one of it is to be an inspiration to others, help people to learn how to believe in theirselves. and follow what their heart says, showcase their talents and help them to be an inspiration to others too. The other one is to know what I love to do and to pursue it, and in that way, I can live a life with full happiness.