Honor thy father, a love that can conquer everything

One of the MMFF entries caught my attention. I’ve watched a lot of movies, but this one somehow different from the typical Filipino movies I’ve watched. I’ve heard that this movie has a lot of controversies, and I’m curious enough to find out, what is in it? John Lloyd Cruz is the lead actor playing the role of edgar (egay), the father. Their family was accused as a schemers that took money from people. This crime is very timely in what we are experiencing now in our country, about scams, lies and robing. This movie want us to open our eyes to what is happening to our own land. Another one is about the religious group that Egay’s wife is into, where they raised more money. He and his family were desperate enough to ask for his wife’s co-believers in a church group to lend them money, but it didn’t work out. And then I realize, why does that religious group has lot of money?Is it because nowadays money is everything, that even any religious group are overpowered by money? Today, we see that money is power, if you don’t have one, then your nothing. But Egay didn’t gave up, this only shows that he can sacrifice his own life for his family. It displays to us that a parent will do anything for his family, whether it could be in a good thing or not. He done a lot of critical situation in this movie just to save his family. He tried robbing the church just to save his wife, but not even money can subdue family. This dramatic movie can make us realize a lot of things that is happening to us right now. But never forget a family will always be our source of strength. Family will always be the one that can help us whenever we needed them. This movie is also about forgiveness, beliefs, and love. A parents’ unconditional love, that can sacrifice even his own life just for his family.