A New Chapter


I began directing/producing VR/360 full time.

I got a tattoo.

Donald Trump became president.

I came out.

I turned 21.

It was a hell of a year — and the next few years will have that beat.

In 2015, Julie and I started a little something called SH//FT. From an initial vision it grew into a powerful movement — and something that I will always be incredibly proud to have had a key role in.

When I got my first tattoo, I wanted to get something that represented something I could always stand by. The tattoo on my left wrist is actually of the SH//FT logo, the two triangles represent deltas for change and the two dashes are an offset equality sign: a change towards equality. Something I will always fight for. While some of you may know I have slowly been taking a back seat from SH//FT over the last few months and started to spend a lot more time creating new content. Initially I thought I could balance that with the responsibilities of running SH//FT, but soon realized that doesn’t do justice to what SH//FT has become. It’s still with a heavy heart that I’m announcing that as of today, I’ll be officially stepping back from SH//FT. It’ll always be apart of me (literally) and part of the my professional foundation. Julie has done an incredible job working on SH//FT full time. There are some exciting announcements coming there so stay tuned :)

I want to also take a moment to thank my mentors for their endless support and guidance thus far into my career and the VR/AR community for everything they have done to support us with SH//FT. While stepping away from SH//FT, I will continue to be an active and passionate admin of the FB Group Women in VR/AR.

I’m still just as energized about intersectional equality, diversity, and inclusion as ever. And you better believe that I will still be doing what I can to help shape the role models of tomorrow through advocacy today, just through the lens I know best: community and content development/creation. I’m really excited to share some of the projects I’ve had the privilege of spearheading this year, and even more thrilled to announce that some of them will be debuting before the end of the year. This and more to come!

If you need to reach me you can drop me a line at begin@jennduong.com

As always, happy VRing everyone!

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