Predicting Corbett

(From Cedar Rapids Daybreak Rotary Bottom of the News, February 10, 2017)

On February 22, Mayor Ron Corbett will deliver his final State of the City address. We can expect a stark difference in Corbett’s speech from that of Marion’s where our own Nick AbouAssaly told us to “reach higher” — in the same speech where he hilariously noted that he was standing on a stool this year so we can see him better.

Mayor Corbett, who in December promised a big announcement when he shared on air that he would not be seeking another term as Mayor, might not be telling us to reach higher — but if he announces that he’s running for governor, he may ask us to all reach deeper- into our wallets.

The easy guess is that our mayor will announce a bid for governing Iowa, but one could imagine that he may have a few other things up his sleeve. So from the department of conjecture and alternative facts at Daybreak Rotary, here are three completely unconfirmed rumors on the big announcement:

#1. Mayor Corbett will announce that he has fully funded flood wall protection by having City Employees participate in a can drive since 2008.

#2. Following the announcement of the certified shovel ready Alliant mega park, the airports super park and Marion’s Enterprise Center park, Corbett will announce the city of Cedar Rapids first certified shovel ready water park.

#3. Finally, after years and years of trying, we are getting a Joe's Crab Shack at Lindale Mall

And if any of those predictions come true, you heard it here first, at Daybreak Rotary.

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