Sing it out…

From Daybreak Rotary #BottomoftheNews February 24, 2017

A couple Friday’s ago I tried to predict the Mayor of Cedar Rapids’ long-awaited surprise announcement at his final State of the City address. Sadly, none of my predictions came true. As Mayor Corbett serenaded the City of Five Seasons with a song — Sweet Home Cedar Rapids — a take on Sweet Home Chicago, backed up by the local band Crankshaft, (see above tweet) the surprise was that our Mayor can rock. (Notice, I didn’t really say he could “sing.”)

Will this start a trend at future events in Iowa’s Creative Corridor and beyond? Maybe. Will other state and regional leaders be able to pull it off? Well, we’ll see.

So, knowing that imitation is the finest form of flattery, and coming from the Daybreak Rotary Department of Wild and Unqualified Speculation, here’s what we might expect from from local leaders and personalities around the region:

Imagine Governor Branstad and the remaining members of the Doobie Brothers, jamming out to “China Grove.”

This fall we can expect Gail Naughton, Executive Director of the Czech and Slovak museum will open the next BrewNost backed up by a Queen Cover band, belting out “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz will usurp the marching band at the first 2017 home game, backed up by the E street band, with “Born to Run” by none other than the Boss, while Hawkeye basketball coach Fran McAffery will serenade the refs with (redacted to keep the news PG).

Airport Director Marty Lens will announce the next direct flight out of the Eastern Iowa Airport by singing an entirely a capella version, backed up by the airport commission of REO Speedwagon’s “Time for me to Fly”, while City of Cedar Rapids Public Works director Jen Winters, who spoke to Daybreak Rotary in 2016 about city streets, will headline the McGrath Amphitheater for the Blondie reunion tour, guest singing the vocals to “One way - Or another.”

And finally, the Iowa Racing and Gaming commission, will pit competing casino proposals against each other , in an epic lip sync battle as business man Steve Gray performs “Against all Odds” by Phil Collins, and Developer Steve Emerson performs Abba’s hit, “Take a chance on me.”

If any of that happens, you heard it here first.

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