On the state of being connected

Language is a fascinating part of human existence. I’ve mused on this subject before…mostly on the chicken-egg relationship between worldview and words and the privilege of being a native English speaker. Today’s observation is not about foreign tongue comparisons. It’s about definitions. Specifically, what is a connection and what did I commit my year to?

According to Merriam-Webster, this noun means “the state of being connected, such as: causal or logical relation or sequence….a relation of personal intimacy…coherence or continuity…a means of communication…a social, political or commercial relationship.” Google’s dictionary adds in transportation, technology and narcotics descriptors. Also apparently some association with Methodist churches? For an etymology lesson (thanks Wiktionary), this variant began in 14th century British English as connexion, stemming from the Latin word connexionem (a conclusion, binding together), the Old French connexion and the English conneccion. The Americans changed the x to a c in the 18th century, where the word has stayed for the past 300-ish years.

Thankfully neither narcotics nor the Methodists are in my future. Coherence, continuity and relationships are better places to focus my energy.

Coherence: the quality of being logical, consistent or forming a unified whole. Logical consistency feels a little ambitious for life…especially given my predisposition for taking some pretty grand leaps of faith. However, if I can form structured narratives on the regular, the blogosphere will be a better place. I’m giving it my best shot.

Continuity: the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time. This one is required for daily writing. It will be challenging but I’m ready. “Consistent operation” will also do wonders for career growth.

Relationship: the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected; an emotional and sexual association between two people. The heart of my selected theme; along with lost creativity, the chaos of the past few years has contributed to neglect of old friendships and an absence of new ones. Not to mention a lack of substantive romantic partnership. However, no more excuses. I am committed to making the time, space and energy required to (re)create meaningful relationships.

It is a lot of promises and goals…but ones that are worthy of investment. And a brand new year to aim for the stars.

So here goes day one. Wish me luck!

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