The Best Advice You Can Ever Get Regarding Freelance Writing, by Jenn Greenleaf

Is there such a thing? I was thinking about that this morning. I’m about to reach my twentieth anniversary as a freelance writer (November). Throughout the years, I’ve received advice from dozens of professionals — some who were writers, and some who were not. My goal is to go through some of that advice for you and add other nuggets of wisdom here and there.

by Jenn Greenleaf

I don’t know which assignment to start with this morning (I receive assignments that are due daily, and then I have others that trickle in with end-of-the-day deadlines.). So, I’m going to begin the day by warming up my writing muscles here in my blog. I haven’t written “for the sake of writing” in ages.

Typically, the pieces I write have a purpose-which, they all should. I know. What I mean by that is I intend them to be an article for my publication, an announcement, or another kind of information post.

Today? I just want to write.

Do you…

Questions to Ask Now for Maximum Writing Career Improvement, by Jenn Greenleaf

While researching, writing, and editing hundreds of thousands of words throughout my nearly twenty-year career, I’ve observed several fundamental practices regarding the craft. Because writers are working toward improving their business, it’s my goal to share them.

That’s why, today, I’m boiling them down into questions you need to ask yourself to improve your freelance writing career radically. That way, you can use these questions as a framework for keeping your pieces organized, fleshing them out, and getting to the meat of them.

How to Write Articles That Will Sell

The Key to Selling an Article is Solid Research, by Jenn Greenleaf

We’re all looking for that “secret sauce.” Is there a magic recipe for selling our articles? Will our words win out over everyone else’s? If you’ve recently launched a blog or are selling content on a publishing platform, content marketing is a familiar term.

One of the most significant ingredients in content marketing is what you’re creating — the blog posts, articles, or other pieces of content. Here, we’re going to talk about how to write articles that sell. That’s the most significant ingredient in the content creation we’re going to discuss today.

After all, you want the articles you’re…

How to Engage Your Readers with High-Quality Content

Blogging: Your Audience isn’t going to Appear Magically, by Jenn Greenleaf

Have you ever read a blog that immediately pulls you in? You can relate to what the author is saying-almost like they’re reading your mind? As a result, you feel compelled to respond with a comment or by sharing their post? You might also go as far as bookmarking their post or using it as a link in one of yours in the future.

Then, later on, you wonder how the author accomplished that goal.

There’s a simple answer-they used empathy. It’s how many masterful bloggers are opening doors to engaging with their readers.

Without going into too much detail…

Making Sure Your Calendar Stays Full From Month-to-Month

How Are You Working Your Freelance Writing Business? by Jenn Greenleaf

If you’re not working remotely full-time for a company, then there’s likely a niggling in the back of your mind-where am I going to find my next freelance writing lead? It’s a question novice, as well as seasoned freelance writers face. We have a steady stream of work from our anchor clients, in addition to one-off assignments coming in.

Then the one-off assignments begin to dwindle. Our anchor clients are dependable, but not enough to be sustainable. What’s the solution?

(FREAK OUT!!!!) Okay, no, that’s not right.

In a previous article I discussed how, when you don’t have freelance writing…

Even If You Do Not See Immediate Dollar Signs

It All Counts AS Work! by Jenn Greenleaf

It’s already after one o’clock in the afternoon, and I can’t believe how quickly this day has passed. I’ve been working on a variety of projects and checking off things on my to-do list. However, when I look at the clock, my first thought is, “OH NO! I haven’t earned any money yet today!”

How did this happen?! I’ve been working all day!

Then, I have to reel myself in and remember — everything I’m doing IS work.

What Have I Been Doing ALL Day?

Working your business is more than writing content for other companies and clients. You’re scouting, pitching, analyzing, brainstorming, outlining, drafting, and conducting…

What’s Been Happening on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter?

A Year-Long Social Experiment, by Jenn Greenleaf

I’ve been conducting a year-long social media experiment on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I use each of these accounts to post business-related content. I was curious about where I would receive the most interaction on various posts. On each account, I post pretty much the same kind of content.

I’m sharing this social media experiment with you in case you’re wondering how these things work for an “average” person. We all know how they work for superstar digital content marketers-we’ve read the articles.

Why Did I Start in July?

I know, July is a strange time of year to start this experiment. However, this is the…

Should Ghostwriters Worry About Having a Clip File?

The Importance of Having Freelance Writing Clips by Jenn Greenleaf

At some point in every freelance writer’s career, a potential client is going to ask for clips. What does a ghostwriter do in this situation? If they’ve signed a non-disclosure, this means they can’t share the work with anyone. That includes in the form of a clip.

There are situations where ghostwriters have permission to use ghostwritten pieces in their portfolios. However, when they’re not, what do they do when they need to provide samples?

Are Clips Important for Freelance Writers?

New writers aside, ghostwriters face a different set of circumstances. Unless they receive expressed consent from their client, it’s not possible to use any of…

Turn that Rejection Into a Freelance Writing Job

Dealing With Freelance Writing Rejection Positively, by Jenn Greenleaf

One of the most exciting things you can experience as a new writer is landing your first client. They send over a contract, submission guidelines, and a template. You’re ready to research, outline, and write your first draft. Once that is complete, you polish the final draft and send it to the client.

Then, you can move on to targeting your next lead. You may do a little victory dance first or congratulate yourself in some other way. After all, this is a significant achievement. The confidence you’re feeling is enough to provide momentum toward securing another contract.

However, there’s…

Jenn Greenleaf

Jenn Greenleaf is a freelance writer hailing from the great state of Maine. Check out her work at

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