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What a poor example of a man. This goes to prove that republicans are all crooks and looking out only for their best interest. Why can’t they see beyond parties and quit acting like spoiled children who want only their way. This is why America cannot extend beyond where it is at. There has been more corruption in the republican party over the last 100 years. Barely, in the Democratic Party, but yet we allow, as citizens, to happen. Luckily, there are civic organizations that speak for us. Every nominee should go through an investigative process to ensure that they have lived an honest life. That they are not entering the highest offices in the land to rummage and rape the American people. It is very likely that is the case in trump’s presidency. We demand that background checks and financial disclosures are just the beginning of the nominee-accepting process. I demand this process as a citizen. And I call my congress person and let them know. You should, too.