5 Things I’ve learned Being in Graduate School

Coffee is your friend.

This is pretty straightforward and expected, I know, but its helpful for more than just a buzz. A nice cup of warm coffee can be very comforting after a stressful day, and always serves as a great excuse to take a five minute break. Breaks are important and without them you’ll fizz out and lose all productivity. Trust me, I know a thing or two about bouts of low productivity.

Its OK to take a night off

If you’re feeling super stressed and burned out, take a “me” moment and just relax. Make time for yourself or you’ll hate yourself

Everyone is stressed and worried

Yup, everyone in your program feels the exact same way you do: Tired, broke, stressed, and underappreciated. Don’t feel like the odd one out, graduate school is tough and you aren’t the only one pulling your hair out. Use this knowledge to have cathartic nights out with your cohort, the department that chills together, graduates together.

Eat Well, Feel Well.

I know money is tight on a grad budget, but pizza and ramen every night isn’t the way. Spend a little more on some carrots and other cheap, in season veggies and it will help you feel physically and mentally better in the long run! If money is really tight, at least dump the ramen seasoning packet. The sodium and blehs afterwards aren’t worth it. Get some cheap low sodium chicken bouillon and some veggies to make a cheap, healthy soup instead.

It’s OK to change your game plan

A lot of the times people go to grad school with their whole lives banking on it. Well, sometimes things change and you change. It’s OK to fall out of love with the field you’ve chosen and its OK to change the game plan. I spent years waiting to get into my chosen field, and now near the end of my M.A I’ve realized I want to go in a different direction than what I’ve planned the last seven years. And I’m OK with that.

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