4 Benefits of a mobile app — a savvy business investment

Mobile Rocket Apps

There are of course, more than 4 benefits to a mobile app for your business, however we’re going to focus on a few that have been effective for our customers this week. Let’s begin…

Increase the value of your business for your existing customers.

A boost in interaction, an increase in return visits and an increase in traffic. These are all benefits of a loyalty scheme when used effectively. Paper loyalty cards are out of date and easy to lose, bringing this functionality onto a mobile app, not only catapults your business into the 21st century, but it makes it so much easier for your customer and your app is there as a constant reminder of your services.

Improve your businesses efficiency.

An app can help you save time, better distribute staff, increase revenue (one of our customers recently reported a massive 9000% return on investment after using their Mobile Rocket app for only 1 month), improve customer service and develop customer loyalty.

Overall, a mobile app will help you cut costs and allow you and your staff to focus on more important tasks, while your mobile app effortlessly handles smaller queries that you no longer need to deal with, because realistically how many times can you deal with phone calls asking for your business opening hours without losing your mind?

Connect effectively with your growing audience.

Push notifications provide valuable updates direct to your customers phone even when they’re not directly using your app. The more app downloads you have, the bigger your audience and the more effective your app becomes.

Seamless integration with your existing platforms.

Using iFrames allows Mobile Rocket to seamlessly integrate with any only system that works responsively. This makes the system invaluable to businesses to sell their services or products online.

In summary…

The world has gone mobile, in March 2017 it was reported that there were around 5 million mobile apps available to the public on both Apple and Android stores. On average each person in the UK spends around 66 hours per month on mobile devices, the perfect way to tap into this market is a mobile app.

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