Should I Tell My Parents That I Was Sexually Molested? Please Help Me Decide.
Human Parts

The fact that you’re alive, writing this piece, is amazing. The amount of pain and suffering you experienced throughout the course of your life is unimaginable and I commend you for surviving.

Without delving into my own past, I have accepted that the pain that has followed me throughout my life isn’t something that my parents with personally understand. Parents that have struggled to provide everything (emotionally, financially, and spiritually) for their children can sometimes be blinded; they reason that since everything was provided no wrong can occur since they’ve done everything in their power to prevent any suffering to come to them. They will always have a worst circumstance that plagued them when they were younger and as their children, they should be happy that nothing like that has happened to them.

I guess I’m grateful for this experience growing up; it has given birth to a mantra that I’ve lived with for some time now.

A person’s pain and suffering cannot be compared to another’s; their worst day can be your best day and vice versa.

Even though I don’t know you personally, I harbor so much love for you for being alive and sharing your story.

Continue to love yourself more everyday and it will hopefully get easier.

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