A memory fancied

Photo by Nicolas Hoizey on Unsplash

I long for greatness
by the choices i make,
it might not be celebrated
with my every mistake.

The heart to do good
is always a constant battle,
not to anyone else
but your hell ride shuttle.

What’s beautiful is knowing
How every good deed is worth,
Kindness need not be published
but paid in afterlife’s court.

Would i be able to handle
If St Peter would show me
A replay of memories
of how people really see me?

Would i be proud
can i still unwind?
something I fancied
Repeats on rewind.



The Story of Power

Photo by Christian Holzinger on Unsplash

Flipped the pages of my book
In the glance of the setting sun,
She suddenly came along
and talking to her was a lot of fun.

Days have passed
Waters have dripped,
I sought her help
Not once she ever tripped.

The aid was sincere
Herself all over the windows,
But in the coming days
It revealed her secret shadows.

I never thought her help
comes with a price,
She meant to display
Your mental health to compromise.

I wonder what’s her motive?
What’s with that needed fame?
Only to find out
Jealous was her real name.



A Short Poem of a Medium Newbie

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In a constant hurdle
We wished to grow,
Writing is the start
From passion, we sow.

Joined Medium
We found solace,
People like me
In an apt writing place.

A dime per thought
Would have been more pleasing,
But needing a hundred followers?
That’s rather taunting.

Read loads of advice
How to earn, follower guide,
Clapped countless articles
For a single follower to find.

Still hoping and counting
From writers helping each other
Every day is more rewarding
By growing together.

Blissed to keep on writing,
But nothing beats that feeling,
Knowing fellow writers
Your stories they are happy reading.



Jennica Rose

Jennica Rose

A State Auditor. Unfolding Stories from Work and life to Scoops, Short Stories and recreationals.