Out of Office Hours — Ladies Storm Hackathons Edition!


Ji Young Choi is the Founder of Dinary, a mobile app that allows you to review and remember menu items at restaurants. Before Dinary, Ji was the COO of Teckst, helped build and scale General Assembly’s Enterprise business, and served as a senior strategy consultant to Fortune 500 companies and government organizations, from Starbucks to NASA. Talk to Ji about anything from interviewing, résumé editing, landing your dream job, and working at large companies vs startups, to problem solving, creating scalable processes, building B2B relationships, and anything in between.

Kiyomi Doreen
Ana Ulin
Veni Kunche
April Wensel
Jumoke Dada
Brita Vinje
Juliet Salinas



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Jennice Colaco

Jennice Colaco


Software eng @Alan. Passionate about creating spaces for meaningful conversations.