I know how to control everything that this mini-me-avatar is doing in this new virtual, metaverse world. I control how My face looks in public, what shopping, gambling or wandering places I go, how long I stay in deserts or at ads, when I go through a porthole to see something new, and how high I jump or when I run for whatever random reason when I get there. So can you.

But while you’re over there in metaverse world, somebody needs to go to the grocery store and make some dinner. The dog needs a walk. The neighbor wants to talk. Your business partner needs to know what you really think by the tone of your voice or the expression on your human face. Your Mama needs to hear you laugh.

So I’ll be your avatar… the one that is human and physical. I’ll interact with the air and the trees and the sea while you figure out your new faux face in metaverse. I’ll fill your car up with gas so that I can drive to the grocery store for you, smile at the older lady looking at peppers and push at the bread to see if it is fresh. I’ll get in the car and drive to see your business partner so that he can engage me with his new ideas in person.

I feel I’ve lost touch with the physical-verse being so disconnected these years during the cove. So I’ll be your avatar in the real world. I just can’t get enough of it.



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Virginia B Robertson

Virginia B Robertson


Author, “The Language of Value” Business Expert Press, Publisher Director, Item Banc, Inc https://itembancindex.io CEO Ruffin Trading Company, LLC