The dollar is a token, like the red cent was . It is a representation of value, but of what value? Is it the real value of the USA economy? Doubt it, as it was never meant to be. The euro is a token. What value is it representative of? The peso is a token… and on and on times 162.

Tokens in the crypto world are a representation of value, but of what value? Do the tokens in the crypto world truly represent the value of their corresponding technologies? Maybe.

BUT tokens in the crypto world can represent physical assets and services. If a token represented a specific house in your neighborhood then you would know much more concretely what value the token represented. If a token represented your car, then you would know what value it represented. If a token represented dinner at your favorite restaurant then you would be familiar with what that token represented. These are examples of Information Currency, where a token represents what is available where at what relative value.

This article does not have a conclusion, but instead, an invitation. What can you as a professional contribute to the progression of thought, training and technology to move toward an Information Currency that can deliver economic efficiency with asset and value clarity?

What I can contribute is a book that explains the background, technology and methods in simple English.

THE PUBLISHER OFFERS complimentary examination copies (delivered in electronic format) to educators and professionals who are considering this book as material for an upcoming course (link above).



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Virginia B Robertson

Virginia B Robertson


Author, “The Language of Value” Business Expert Press, Publisher Director, Item Banc, Inc CEO Ruffin Trading Company, LLC