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Transformation is commonly defined as a metamorphosis, a spontaneous or dramatic change. A breaking down of the old so that the new can arise. It is a common term in the spiritual healing world, and generally understood as the process by which a spiritual awakening unfolds.

Many of us identify with this term as part of our life’s purpose; The healing of deep wounds, and, as a result, the deepening of our consciousness. We move through our pain, discovering patterns and limitations, and in the process, uncover a truer version of ourselves.

Transformation often brings great freedom, joy, and a connection with one’s own inner consciousness. This connection is the key to a life of satisfaction and fulfillment, a life in which we are able to realize our dreams and be a force of incredible good in the world around us. …


Jennie Hoglund, CCH

Certified Classical Homeopath in Saint Paul, MN

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