Homeopathy: A Perfect Complement to Therapy

Jennie Hoglund, CCH
Nov 2, 2017 · 4 min read

To a patient suffering with anxiety, depression, or other mental-emotional issue, the role of a therapist is supporter, cheerleader, guide, and sometimes, literally, lifesaver. Mental health professionals give their all, often checking on clients after hours, bringing relief and support in times of crisis. The compassion and dedication of these amazing people make a world of difference to patients and their loved ones.

But what happens when it feels like the patient is beyond help? Like there is no where else for them to turn, and you’re not sure you have the resources to help in a permanent way?

I meet many therapists and counselors who wish there was something more they could suggest to clients who seem really stuck, make very slow progress, or are not willing or able to take medication.

I tell them to recommend Homeopathy. Here’s why.

We have all seen patients that are imbalanced. In fact, it’s rare to encounter any human that experiences ease and harmony in every part of life. The degree to which an imbalance impacts day-to-day life determines the health of an individual, on both physical and mental levels.

A person with a severe imbalance that is expressed on the mental-emotional level is typically mentally ill to some degree, and suffers greatly because of it. Therapy and counseling can help much of the time, because the secure relationship between client and practitioner facilitates and allows space for the healing process to occur. This work encourages balance to come naturally, reducing symptoms and helping the patient to heal deeply.

But there are some instances where the patient doesn’t respond in an ideal way to therapy, and stays very stuck in limiting patterns. In fact, it can seem like the more you work with them, the worse they appear to be getting! This is because the root imbalance is holding strong, and needs a helping hand in order to shift. That nudge can come in the form of a Homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathy is a 200+ year old holistic modality that has the unique ability to stimulate a healing response in a person, bringing balance and well-being to the deepest aspects of an individual. This allows the therapy process to work much more effectively, because the patient is then actually able to become well. When the energetic state of a person is very stuck in a place of imbalance, they cannot become truly well until that foundational piece shifts.

How does it work?

Homeopathy means “like cures like.” It is the simple process of administering very diluted forms of natural substances (usually minerals or plants) to a patient, activating the innate healing mechanism within each individual, thereby balancing the energetic state.

What do you mean by energetic state?

During our lives, often in childhood, we experience challenging, even traumatic situations, that compel us to adopt certain coping mechanisms. The stress causes an energetic shift inside of us, whereby we “borrow” or take on a certain energetic state in order to cope with the challenging time. The challenging time eventually passes, but we continue to act out of the “borrowed” state, still employing our coping mechanisms even when they are no longer serving our well being. This brings limitation, and results in the expression of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.

Homeopaths view these symptoms as clues to the energetic state that is limiting the patient from living their lives in the way they desire. During the initial consultation, a Homeopath listens and asks detailed questions that allow us to see what a person’s system is expressing, and then discern what natural substance the “borrowed” energy pattern most closely resembles.

After careful consideration, we select a constitutional remedy. By matching the energy pattern from the “borrowed” state, the Homeopathic remedy stimulates the patient’s system to balance and heal itself, releasing the coping mechanisms that are no longer of benefit.

With this shift, symptoms improve — sometimes slowly, other times more quickly, depending on the duration and level of chronic illness. The result is that the patient is then able to make great progress in therapy, bringing resolution to the trauma and stress patterns that previously dominated their lives.

Homeopathy, like therapy, is not an overnight cure or a quick fix. Nothing permanent ever is. Instead, Homeopathy is able to gently tap on the energetic state of an individual and say, “Time to let go.” This starts the healing process, making it possible for deeper work to have a great effect, in a situation where previously, not much was shifting, bringing profound and rewarding results.

So remember, there is an option when you feel like you’re out of options! Homeopathy is here to help when a situation seems hopeless, and will be a trusted friend in seemingly unsolvable cases.

Jennie Hoglund, CCH, is a Certified Classical Homeopath practicing at Enlightened Wellness in St. Paul and Tree of Life Wellness in Albertville.

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Jennie Hoglund, CCH

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Certified Classical Homeopath in Saint Paul, MN hoglundhomeopathy.com facebook.com/jhoglundhomeopathy

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