You’ve Failed Me, Mom
Kammie Melton

Oh, Patti. Since we’re actually real life friends, I feel comfortable telling you that your pragmatism is somewhat (but not completely) misguided. As a general rule, crude behavior and bad hygiene is looked down upon no matter your gender. That’s not sexist; it’s just reality, and it applies to everybody.

As for the makeup, despite my profile picture, I rarely wear makeup to work, and I make a very decent salary. My manager is also a woman and she doesn’t wear makeup either. Her manager’s manager’s manager is also a woman and I’m not sure that she does either.

It’s definitely worth putting on the face for the interview, but after that — at least where I work — no one really cares as long as you do the job well.

This comes from the daughter of a mother who did wear makeup and do her nails and also had a very successful career. She also continues to take every opportunity possible to discourage me when I’m not “lady-like” enough. Since being “lady-like” has never actually had any benefits for me, I can’t bring myself to care. I’m a good person, and that’s good enough for me.