I see you have an objection of some sort, but can’t really say what it was I said that you object…
Ryder Spearmann

Lol yeah, I, a lawyer, have DEFINITELY never heard of the dictionary 🙄 Oh and btw, at least going off U.S. law, your definition lacks a whole helluva lot. Go read statutes.

But honestly, your thought process scares the shit out of me, because you think like my rapists who also don’t believe they committed rape. Which makes me about 90% sure you’ve also sexually assaulted someone. Proceeding off that assumption, you have a very vested interest in maintaining that mindset because you can continue the illusion you’ve never traumatized any of your sexual partners, and that’s actually a pretty common reason why rape culture exists. Boys like you want to keep the view of themselves that they’re not rapists (understandable) and also don’t want to give up the privilege and entitlement they feel towards women. And that makes me sad. I don’t envy you. One day your reckoning will come and that’s going to be a reeeeaaaalllllly tough day for you.

Now, there are tons of resources if you want to actually educate yourself about this topic. I even have a man’s opinion for you!

(^ why it’s in your best interest to not perpetuate the toxic view you currently have — more and better sex!)