How Much Homework is to Much Homework?

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Let’s Take A Moment to Reflect..

Think back to your childhood. Did you have fond memories? Or were a lot of them revolved around stress and homework? Some parents out there believe that a lot homework creates good study habits and dedication, while other parents believe that it creates nothing but stress on their children. Children on average spend 8 hours a day at school, so why are we giving them more work to take home? According to a study done by The American Journal of Family Therapy, elementary school students are getting up to 3 times more homework than recommended by education leaders. The original way teachers, students and parents were able to gauge how much homework to give out was by what is known as the standard. The standard, also known as the “10 minute rule,” is supported by the National Education Association (NEA) and the National Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and is 10 minutes worth of homework each day, times the grade they are in.

What Happens when Assigning Daily Homework Over the 10 Minute Rule?

So what has been shown to happen when assigning daily homework over the 10 minute rule? Well researchers came up with this method to begin with so this would never even be a worry, however schools seem to no longer be following this rule. It seemed that when children needed help on their homework but the family was unable to help due to how much was given, the stress in the household rose significantly. The amount of homework not only takes time away from the child to spend time with family, but it also makes for a stressful environment. This in turn leads the child to feel degraded and not wanting to learn. Another important factor to take into consideration is the fact that the child needs to be able to have a life where they can be active and go play with friends. Teachers who assign homework over the 10 minute rule are not giving children a chance to refresh and step away from school rather their homework is slowly eating away at what should be a fun and healthy part of their childhood.

What Happens when the 10 Minute Rule is Applied Accurately?

What happens to students when the 10 minute rule is applied accurately? When children are given the correct amount of homework, it allows them to review what was taught that day with just the right amount of material where they feel they are learning but do not feel overloaded. Another advantage of the 10 minute rule is being able to bond with family and have a social life. With the correct amount of homework, parents are able to better teach their children which not only helps children understand their homework, but the parents are able to be more involved in their child’s life. As for the children socially, they will be able to have more free time to play and clear their mind from school. Lastly, doing the correct amount of homework will not only help the child prepare for tests, but it will make them more eager to learn and will allow them to develop a sense of responsibility that they will carry for the rest of their lives.

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