Take Care of Yourself

As kids we tend to think that we are all part of a big crowd that comprises ourselves, our family, friends and neighbors. We usually think that we are all in this thing called life together. Those of us (of a certain generation) spent hours outdoors with neighborhood kids where bonding lasted decades. Younger folks experienced something different — more inside time with the screens, but — yes — some bonding none-the-less.

Once we get older we become part of the wider orbit. This means that we often know more people. We form different bonds sometimes called partnership and marriage, have offspring and become part of a unit. And still, there is often a sense of being in it together.

And yet, we also experience this sense of one-ness. The feeling that people can’t relate to us. The experience that maybe we are traversing this planet alone. And the tougher life gets, the more profound and intense this feeling.

In fact, when the going gets especially bleak — we often feel very lonely.

We also learn (and often the hard way) that we each must take care of ourselves. Our moms, dads and friends can solve some of life’s challenges, but it is really up to each of us to do the basics. This includes healthy living, exercise, paying our bills and going to work, etc. And we often become the ones to be counted on. For those around us, we need to take care.

This is not to say though that when we struggle, we do it alone day-after-day. If our diseases is addiction and we seek treatment, we join a new group with whom we bond. This means support groups, AA and NA and group therapy. This means people that have traveled a road like ours and know that there is light on the other end.

Yes, we must each endeavor to be our healthiest self — but know that there are places like Pinnacle Treatment Center Network that brings folks together with a common purpose.

We take care of ourselves and each other. Please call us to learn more 866 535 HOPE. www.pinnacletreatment.com.