Tough Times call for Having Heart and Strength

We are in tough times, all of us. Our nation watches one of our own — Texas — struggle mightily. It is a feeling of sadness, disbelief and “could have been my family.”It makes even the strongest experience weakness. The temptation to give up is extreme.

TV and media also pounds us. This also adds to our mindset.

What to do?

What to do to remain healthy and focused on a positive future?

Yes, it is important to experience sympathy and empathy for those who suffer. And if one feels so inclined — to get involved in helping. Being there for others and participating in the future is good for our psyche.

This is not for everyone.

From a sheer “what about me and how can I feel better and not backslip?”

  1. you have likely come far. You may be in recovery (from substances, gambling and other behavior that has negatively impacted your life.) Use this as a time to be glad that you are enduring. Celebrate your own success. Know that for your future to be bright, your health matters.
  2. when you feel negative and weaker emotions coming on, take stock. remember what it is about your life that is good — your friends, your pets, your family — breathing fresh air.
  3. get some exercise — even a little walk helps. enjoy flowers and nature.
  4. eat some ice cream. Ice cream helps. It is one of life’s pleasures.
  5. Pick up the phone or text someone who contributes to your well-being.

Tough times call for having love for yourself and others. It calls for being our best, when we are tempted to be our worst. It takes being human and giving ourselves both a break and some space.

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