We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Hi Everyone, welcome back,

I am sure some of you are probably wondering why I decided to tell my story, and why now! First, I felt it was time. It was so I could introduce myself, to other people, who may have or going through the same situations that I have been in. Where you feel alone, and not understood. Well I am here to tell you I do, and I understand you, I know why you feel that way, and I know, and understand, why you have not left your abuser. I get it. I truly do, and don’t be ashamed, do not for one second, feel that you deserve this treatment, or that you are not worthy, or that you are nothing, because that is far from the truth. We all have a purpose, some of us is harder then others, and I get it, it doesn’t sound fair, and it doesn’t! I wont lie. I asked myself, so many times, why me? What have I done, to get this shitty end of the stick? There is no answer to that, there just isn’t! This is what I want you to understand, YOU, are responsible for YOUR life, and YOU, and only YOU, can decide who, what and where, you want to go with your life. As I said, you’re not alone, and I am proof of that. I went, from a great childhood, to hell, repeatedly. Every time I said. I wouldn’t go back there, well I did. Why? Because, there was no support back then, I was ashamed, and didn’t want anyone to know. What would people say. Now, there is the internet and Facebook groups. We have organization to help us, then again, we don’t want to be judged, so we don’t go, and we suffer in silence. There was no, how to overcome domestic abuse video or guide, no one, to help me empower myself, to raise my self esteem, make me known that I would be ok, and I have self worth, and I deserve to know, and feel it. That is why, I am here today. To help you, to share my stories, stories about other women, who have been there also. You need, to think about you first, and foremost. If you have children, they need you, to be a priority also, because if you feel good, and you are strong, it will come off you, and they will feel it, and sense it, and everyone will be happy, and believe, that there is happiness and good in this world. Please know there is. I didn’t always believe, and I still sometimes wonder, and I believe, that will be, the side effects of our situation. But, I am promising myself that I will overcome that fear, that doubt, because I want to be surrounded by nothing but positivity. Do know, there Is, and always will be, bad days. Days that we just don’t want to hear it, we want to be left alone, and we want to wallow, in our self pity, and that too is ok, but only for a day, no more, as it will not help you, it will only bring you back to that level again, and getting out of that level, is what we want to succeed. Together, I hope you take this step and follow me to empowerment.