What will love be in 100 years?

Love is a funny thing. We want it, we crave it and it often makes us question our sanity. The quest for love is one that has been sought forever and yet love has evolved and almost unrecognisable from what it once was. No longer is it stolen looks, and passion that raises the heart rate beyond measure. Everything has changed.

How we seek love.

How we love.

How we portray love.

How we value love.

I can’t help but wonder where love will lead us in the future, or more so, where we will lead love. In a world of Tinder, Bumble and a digital pool of the plenty of fish in the sea, we connect quick, we love superficially, and we never quite fall all the way in. With relationships becoming official with a status update and plastered on the walls for put friends to see. Our analysis of texts, tweets and the subtext of subtweets is poured over for traces of infidelity and additional connections in an intangible world of the web.

It’s fast love we love for now.

And then on our screens. Love is portrayed as gratuitous consumerism, large superfluous gestures with little meaning and much show. It is unreal in every context. With predictability more common that genuine desire, because now desire is planned and ordered and paid with a Paypal account, attached to an overdrawn credit card, that has a statement filled with debt and evidence of purchases that can no longer be seen.

From Shakespeare to here, where will we lead love in a 100 years? Will my great grandchildren feel the flutter of excitement when they make eye contact across a room with a stranger, before they know the name, the age, the occupation of the person who owns those eyes? Will they meet their love by reading words off a screen? Will their love be human, with a heartbeat and a Mother and Father, with real human experiences? Or will it be a being, created software, made by men and women looking to make just one more dollar?