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Foreign languages are becoming more and more important every day. Mastering multiple languages is a necessary skill to be successful as a professional. We start studying foreign languages at school or later on in e.g. language courses.

Unfortunately, after we invested a lot of time studying the language, we forget to actually practice the language and by time lose our so hard gained conversational skills. In order to keep the gained skills in a foreign language it is necessary to use the language on a regular basis.

The goal is to empower adults to integrate language in their daily life in an easy way. Therefore, my suggestion is an innovative language-learning-app.

My proposed solution offers an easy integration into the daily life of users. Moreover, users will have the opportunity to connect with different native language speakers in order to practice and understand different dialects. The idea is that a combination of AI and native speakers should lead to the perfect outcome.

The chosen community I would like to empower are adults who studied a foreign language and would like to develop, enhance and most importantly keep their language skills by easily integrating their target language in their daily lives.


I will suggest to follow the Gradual Immersion Method (GIM). It was designed to support creativity-based learning and will support the community to solve their problem.

Firstly, it will be necessary to identify and familiarize with the problem. In order to identify the main problems of language skill “keeping” a fishbone diagram could be used. After the fishbone diagram a user needs statement has to be formed.

Secondly, in order to get a better idea of how an app like this could look like, the community should first co-create a sketch of the app idea and develop a User journey map in order to better understand pain points of the community. A user journey map additionally shows opportunities to solve these pain points.

Lastly, a 3D Digital model should be designed. This model allows you to better visualize the different functions of the app. It also shows if the model is understandable and user friendly or if it needs some adjustments.

Expected Results

· Efficient use of time available

· Easy integration of language learning into daily life

· Keeping language level


The project will empower adults with prior language skills to actively use the foreign language and integrate it in their daily routine. This will help them to keep their so hard gained language levels.


Sanabria, J. (2015). The Gradual Immersion Method (GIM): Pedagogical Transformation into Mixed Reality. VARE 2015. Procedia Computer Science.



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