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Setting up and running an online business is made easier by having quality dedicated hosting. Europe is a key consumer for the IT sector, therefore locating your business in a European datacenter is optimal for your performance and credentials.

The datacenter is located in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. Sofia is a main node for telecommunications Europe.

Your online portal represents your online profile and business. Although many businesses choose to sell via consulting and marketing companies, your direct selling capabilities are very important. To maximize the appeal of your products and their consumer reach, a proper, well maintained, well designed website (portal) should be available to your clients. Presenting relevant, updated, information and enabling the customers to tailor and self-service their purchases themselves is a very important point to score for an IT company. has been launched as a response to the complex needs of IT entrepreneurs and already established companies that need reliable, consistent web hosting solutions. offers highly competitive dedicated servers and europe colocation at the lowest possible prices. All services include permanent tech and billing support, manufaturer guaranteed hardware and infrastructure and exclusive use of new, enterprise level equipment.

The need scaling your business while minimizing the costs is one of the main problems that is set to solve. Given the dynamic aspect of technology, scaling became usual in both directions. They offer maximum flexibility regarding resource allocation and payment options. Moreover, is aware of the many shortcomings of the usual dedicated server seller — substandard, overused hardware, outsourcing the support and making it tedious to reach someone that can actually solve your problem. For example, most of the major hosting providers strip down on cPanel features to increase their margin on profit on the client’s expense. offers cPanel dedicated servers with full Softaculous suite and full database solutions so you can install any application with a few clicks. works with European datacenters, its main location being Bulgaria. Clients may outsource their IT infrastructure in a safe, legally decongested environment.

Support is another very important aspect of working with dedicated hosting. employs technical professionals that are competent and aware that online businesses depend on uptime. The support team is working around a centralized managed solution that greatly reduces the resolution times of all issue that occurs during server operation. is working towards technological innovation and massive improvement of customer experience for the last 8 years. Their team is comprised of well prepared and experienced professionals in their respective fields. They are perpetually deriving and implementing latest technologies in hosting so that the customer may experience unmatched out of the box services from

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