That I love him there is no doubt.

With each year that passed I loved him more. With every day, every hour, every moment, that love grew until it overwhelmed me. The foundations were lain and structure built. A tower so high I could have touched clouds.

The love became part of me. A part of who I was. Part of everything I did and every thought I had in my head was made for two..

And so, all that was built has now to be undone.

Piece by piece I need to disassemble the feelings I have for him. Slowly and delicately removing each carefully lain brick in the structure and reassessing every purposefully assembled thought.

I’ve come to the conclusion it may take years to reach the foundations on which to rebuild.

Do I want to get any higher?

I’ve been knocked down so many times I’m not sure I want to go up again but up is where the views are.

Falling hurts but it’s less painful than not living.

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