Sincerely, the Millennials

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I am TIRED of Zoom meetings. While I appreciate the way people have taken advantage of technology during this time, we need to chill with all the video calls! What I find interesting is the fact that this technology is not new. We have had the ability to do video calls for a while now. However, before Covid-19, conference calls and regular phone calls were acceptable.

Why has that changed???

I have a theory.

This is a trauma response.

Since the shelter at home orders, my family, who is not particularly close when it comes to visiting each other, has…

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Week 4 working from home.

It’s been Rough. Like really rough. I don’t like this. For some reason, I haven’t admitted that to myself until now. I don’t like not feeling safe. I only feel safe at home, after I’ve doused everything in bleach. Then as an afterthought I think about the health consequences of being exposed to this much bleach in such a short amount of time but choose that risk everyday. Maybe I should experiment with vinegar-based cleaning solutions, but something about smelling bleach lets me know the job is done.

I feel for the people who…

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You only live once, that was a popular saying a couple of years back. But instead of interpreting that as spend everything since you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, let’s repurpose it to mean you only live once, so take care of your future self.

You live and you learn. Hindsight really is 20/20. Just because you can afford a more expensive place, doesn’t mean you have to stay in a more expensive place. Living expenses should be kept to a minimum. It is for this reason alone that I do not talk about or judge the wave…

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Am I what you thought I would be;

Now that you know the real me, even though I am changing constantly?Evolving continuously

Am I what you thought I would be?

Do I feel how you thought I would feel when my hand caresses your face and chin hairs?

Did you know it would feel like that?

When you asked for a kiss, did you know my lips would be that soft?

And once inside, did you know it would feel so welcoming?

Like you had returned home after being gone for too long

Am I everything you thought I would…


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As I reflect on this past year, I’m reminded of When They See Us, a movie directed by Ava DuVernay about what has become known as the Central Park 5. The movie chronicles the events leading up to and the trial of five wrongfully convicted teenage boys.

As an African American, the story is all too familiar, but one we expect to have occurred back in the 1950’s; lest we forget Emmett Till. There are countless other stories, most of which have never made national news. The difference is that this took place during OUR lifetime. The significance of this…

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Socialization is an interesting thing. It can have one deny oneself, just to be accepted. Some people see nothing wrong with this, which is problematic. People are socialized to like certain teams, foods and cars. Hell, people are even socialized to like and dislike certain groups of people. Socialization does not have to be explicit either.

Take for instance my journey to discovering my favorite color. I have lied about my favorite color throughout my life. My toenails are pink right now, which is interesting seeing how I used to detest the color pink. At least I think I did…

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I want you to help me because you love me; because you want to make my way easier.

Don’t help me because you feel some obligation to do so; thereby rendering my existence a burden to you.

Growing up, I never felt like a blessing to my parents. I felt like a burden. A dream killer. The reason they had to work jobs that they hated. The reason my mom couldn’t take care of herself or go to the gym. My parents were young when they had me. Immediately, my existence made everything harder for them.

This translated to my…

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This decade is almost over and I’ve seen a lot about leaving undesirable things in 2019. I want to make an effort to do just that. Scratch that. No effort, I will do it, leave undesirable things in 2019.

  1. I want to ask for what I want without fear.
  2. I want to be more direct in my dealings.
  3. I want to believe and know that I will have everything I want for my life.
  4. I want to carry forward the practice of trusting that the Universe will make all of my dreams that seem impossible a reality. …

Games that encourage me to write

Bless the creative creatures here on Medium. This is my first time being tagged in this way on Medium. I’ll admit it, I was confused at first when I received the notification that I was tagged in Tag Overflow Over at MuddyUm.

I read the piece and soon realized that it was a virtual game of tag! Gasp! I love games. Well, let me rephrase that — I love games not centered around competition. The competitive nature of sports have always been a turn off for me. I prefer gymnastics, swimming and track. Yes, those are sports, but I feel…

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I must admit, I am not very good at paying attention to current events. My parents, specifically my dad watched the news constantly when I was a child. The gloom and doom of it all gave me such anxiety as a child that I quickly learned that it was best for me to tune it out.

Now I am still an informed adult, I just don’t hear about it first. Apparently this apathy for the news has transferred to other areas of my life. Take Medium for instance. I’ve been writing on Medium for over a year now. I’ve made…

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